5 Family Father’s Day Activities to Make Dad’s Day Special

When Father’s Day comes around each year, it can be difficult to come up with ideas to REALLY make the most out of that special day with your family. Having young Children, you need to take into account what they can do that would be special as well. 

Family Father's Day Activities

You want to let Dad know just how important and special he is by creating some awesome Family moments to share together on Father’s Day! 

There are many Family Father’s Day Activities that you can all participate in and have a great time. 

Family Father’s Day Activities 

Role Reversal

Let Dad be a kid for the day, and have the kids take turns being “Dad.” Not only could this turn out to be rather hilarious, but it gives Dad a chance to really get into the role of a kid. He can sit there, playing video games in his underpants and socks whining about how hungry he is and the kids can cater to him. Just make sure to warn him not to misbehave too much or the kids can put him in Time out. It’s not REALLY role reversal if Dad doesn’t play the part. 

Go Camping 

If Dad loves the outdoors, pack up the whole family for an awesome camping vacation. Make sure to bring your fishing rods and pack a cooler filled with Dad’s favourite camping food and his favourite beverages. Don’t forget the bug repellent. 

Play Sports

Call some of Dad’s friends and their kids to arrange a Father/Kid sporting event. Meet at the park and spend the day playing soccer, or baseball. Don’t forget to pack refreshments. To make it even more fun have the game be Dads Vs Kids! 

Make Dad a Rockstar

If Dad has ever expressed a desire to be a rockstar (Who hasn’t?), then make it happen for the day! Get some awesome wigs and use stuff from around the house to create instruments. Spend the day writing songs about Rockstar Dads. 

 Give Dad a Vacation 

Even if you are staying home for Father’s Day this year, give Dad a vacation. Serve his drinks with fancy garnishes and a little umbrella, Let him relax. Create a small room service menu and allow him to order from it. Make his day feel like a vacation at home. 

What Family Father’s Day Activities do you have planned?

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