10 Father’s Day Activities Your Dad will Love (For Grown Up Kids)

 Father’s Day is fast approaching, if you are looking for some great Father’s Day activities to participate in with your Dad this year, you are in the right place. 

Father's Day Activities

Being a grown up, you may not get to spend as much time as you want with your Father, work, kids and life stresses can get in the way. Spend Father’s Day with your Dad doing Father’s Day activities together. 

10 Great Father’s Day Activities for Older Kids


Take Dad to see his favourite team play his favourite sport for Father’s Day! You can even purchase matching team apparel to wear on your outing. 

Pamper Him

Dads need pampering too. Book him a massage! There are even these barber shops that you can find around, that offer beer while they give you a professional haircut or a shave. 

Take Him to a Concert

Find out what’s playing nearby and take him to see a band he would like. If it’s an outdoors show, ensure you pack blankets and drinks to bring with you. 

Road Trip

Organize a Family road trip to one of Dad’s favourite locations. June is an amazing time to go on a scenic trip together. Take in the sights, play games in the car and make sure to bring his favourite music. 

Go Fishing

Take Dad to a nice, quiet fishing spot to catch a few fish. Pack some drinks and lunch to take with you! If you research great, remote fishing spots prior to your trip, you will find some great spots to go. 

Beer Tasting

If you are older and of age, you can take your dad on a beer tasting adventure. Make sure to purchase some of his favourites from the day to take home. 

Golfing Adventure

If Dad likes golfing, arrange a golfing adventure for him! If both aren’t all that great at golfing, you can arrange for lessons that you can both participate in. 

Be a Kid Again

Take your Dad to go out and do things you used to do together when you were a kid. Go Go-Karting, Mini Golfing, Paintballing… Whatever your little heart desires. You get to relive your childhood and so does he. You grew up so fast! 

Treat him to Dinner 

This sounds so mundane, but you can spice it up. Take your dad to a cooking class with you, and then eat your creations after! 

 Tell Him you Love Him

Make sure you end the day with letting your Dad know just how special he is to you. 

What Father’s Day Activities do you do to celebrate your Dad?

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