Why You aren’t Losing Weight – 7 Mistakes Moms Make That Halt Weight loss

There are reasons you aren’t losing weight. If you have been wondering why you aren’t losing weight, even though you think you are trying… there are reasons for that.

Why you aren't losing weight

Losing weight is hard. No matter who you are. It’s not an easy feat to lose the weight you want and achieve the results you desire. In fact, it can be down right discouraging! 

There are many things us mom’s do that are putting a big stick in the wheel of our weight loss journeys! There are. 

I have been trying for years on and off to lose weight. I decide that I am going to do it. I go hard. Then someone’s birthday comes, Mine, the kids, the dogs… I eat one piece of cake and decide I ruined it forever, so it doesn’t matter if I eat that big old cheeseburger now too. 

But, it DOES matter. 

It really does. 

If you are a Mom trying to lose weight, or just get healthier, here are some of the mistakes you may be making… 

Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

1. You Don’t Eat When You’re Supposed to 

You wake up, rush around getting the kids off to school. You get a coffee into you, but meh who needs food!? Right now all you care about is getting some caffeine into you so you have the energy to function! I am sorry to inform you, caffeine is a temporary fix to a bigger problem, but we will get to that later. Eating a breakfast high in protein and healthy foods can give you the fuel you need for the day and you need to eat as close to waking up as you can. 

Who has time for that!? Right? 

You do. I do. Make time. If you have to get up earlier than the kids in order to feed yourself a healthy breakfast, then do it. This brings me to my next point. 

2. You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep 

 Yes, I know. Kids equal less sleep. Go to bed earlier if you have to, but you need to make sure that you are getting a good nights sleep! Not only will a good nights sleep make having patience with your little monsters.. I mean, angels… easier, but it will also help you feel better, more energetic and happier.

3. Lifting a Fork to your Lips doesn’t Count as Exercise

I know, bummer right?! You must exercise. Work it into your routine. Again, if you say you don’t have time, I don’t want to hear it. That’s MY excuse and too many of us Moms use it. FIND THE TIME. You can do it. I can do it. We should all do it. Seriously. 

4. 3 for you, 1 for me

Your kids ask for a snack, so you prepare one, picking off their plate as you go. I know I know those snacks are tempting, and why should your kids get to have all the fun? The fact of the matter is that your grazing adds up and if you aren’t paying attention to how much you are consuming, things may get out of hand. It’s actually hard to add up all those little “bites” of your Children’s snacks that you have during the day. In fact, because it was so minimal, you don’t even consider it snacking. But it is. 

5. You Reward Yourself with Food and Drink

It’s late, the kids are finally in bed, and you are sitting on the couch stuffing your face with cheesecake and washing it down with a glass, or a bottle, of wine. NO! STOP! 

I know, you don’t want to! Neither do I! But It’s so bad! Firstly, you aren’t really supposed to eat so late at night, let alone an entire cheesecake and 2 bottles of wine. Did I say two bottles? I meant two glasses. Didn’t I? Maybe. Ok, probably not. 

Try to eat all your meals and snacks earlier in the day. Reward yourself with a hot bath and one glass of wine. Don’t over do it and stop rewarding yourself with a treat, you aren’t a dog and neither am I. But.. Mmmm Cheesecake. This may be why you aren’t losing weight. Just sayin’.

6. You Set Unrealistic Goals

I mean, I would totally love to have J-Lo’s post baby body! That is unrealistic for me. I am covered in stretch marks and extra skin. My boobs look like fried eggs nailed to the wall and my booty… Oh let’s not even go there. I know I will NEVER look like J-Lo. I have finally come to terms with that. Don’t aspire to look like anyone but you, a healthier you! 

7. Your Significant Other isn’t Supportive

You need to make it very clear to your significant other that you are attempting to maintain a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. If you are wondering why you aren’t losing weight and your husband keeps bringing home tubs of Ice Cream… that’s part of it. Believe me, mine has sabotaged me many times and not on purpose. He clearly thought he was HELPING me by bringing me something as a treat. Nicely explain that he’s NOT helping. 

Have you ever Wondered Why you Aren’t Losing Weight?




  1. lmao on February 9, 2015 at 3:19 pm

    Eating everything all day long sounds better…works better too 🙂

    • Ninja Mommers on February 9, 2015 at 8:41 pm

      LOL! That’s what I do… It’s not working so well.

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