Why Teaching Your Kids Manners is Important

Being a parent comes with many responsibilities and one of the most important responsibilities as a parent is teaching kids manners.  Teaching manners simply assists in ensuring you are raising well rounded, polite future adult citizens. The hope of every parent is that they are doing it right! Don’t worry! I am sure you are doing a great job.

Teaching Kids Manners

Why Teaching Kids Manners is Important

Manners teach gratitude versus entitlement – when you teach a child to say thanks or make thank you cards after receiving something nice or someone doing something for them, you are teaching them to show gratitude towards the person. This act of showing or giving thanks to another person enables your child to connect the dots between something having to do something for you and someone choosing to do something for you. It simply is good practice to give thanks to those who help us. Kids who learn this portion of manners at an early age and are encouraged to continue to use this method of giving thanks, will have less of a sense of entitlement as they get older.

First impressions matter – when we think of first impressions we generally think about adults, but children give a first impression that reflect upon us as parents. When you teach your kids manners, they will use them on a regular basis and in turn show a reflection of who you are to your inner core. Teaching your children to use manners in all social scenarios helps them to always give a great first impression well into their adult years. Think about what impression you want your kids to give upon first introduction to someone new or out in society and mold their manners to fit this vision.

Better Reading and Listening Skills – researchers believe that children who have good manners rank higher in reading and listening skills. They are also known to have a better chance for academic success. While there is no real proof behind whether teaching kids manners allow them to excel academically there is nothing to lose in trying. Manners show that your child feels they have self-worth, which means they will wish to do their best academically.

Overall, manners are simply important for every human being on this plane. Manners are used as a means to show kindness and gratitude towards others and to be a respectable part of society. This is no different with children versus adults. Parents’ number one job is to teach their children all they need to know as a means to become good adult citizens later in life. Manners are a great place to start.



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