Summer Break Survival: How to Entertain Your Kids This Summer

Whether you are running on a tight or full spectrum budget, learning how to keep kids entertained during the summer season is easy. There are many ways you can prepare for this summer break from school and curb hearing “I am bored” 100 times during this beautifully sunny season. Today I wanted to share a few ways you can survive summer and entertain those kids without much effort …Summer break survival

Summer Break Survival Tips

Gather up Annual Passes

There has to be locations near you where you can get on those annual pass savings. There are many theme parks, museums and other locations that are kid friendly and offer a discount when you buy a full season pass. Research locations that are within driving distance, chat with the kids and figure out which annual passes you will purchase this summer break.

Setup the Backyard

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, then use it to its full advantage. Consider setting up the backyard in such a way that the kids will self-entertain most of summer season by going outside and enjoying fresh air. Depending upon the age of your kids, this can be low cost or expensive. Think about all of your kids and get that backyard ready!

Find Local Events

There are usually free events in the local area, such as library events and town green events. Whether you are looking for a musical evening in your town or watching a fun learning show, these places in your town will have great options that are free of charge for the whole family. Research what your town offers and take advantage of those free options.

Check Groupon

Groupon offers a wide range of options for most areas. Consider getting a free account on Groupon and gathering up those deals. There will be many savings to be had during summer break because locations are seeking to get the attention of families going on vacation and looking for ways to entertain kids this summer.

No matter what you opt to do this summer to entertain the kids; there are so many ways you can do it without spending a lot of cash. Consider creating a budget first and then have the kids create their own bucket list for summer season. You may be surprised at the ideas your kids have and in turn enjoy summer without listening to them complain all day long. 

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