Stream Yourself Smarter with Netflix and These Awesome Titles

I am and always have been a HUGE, I mean HUGE Netflix fan. My family is totally into binge watching stuff as often as possible and Netflix offers so many different binge-worthy options. 


With Netflix Originals rich in history and complexity, following plot lines may have you turning to Google to search for facts while you watch. Whether you’re getting sucked into the historical dramas of The Crown  or Narcos  and want to learn more about the Royal Family or the infamous cartels, Google is the one to turn to while streaming your favourite Netflix shows. And no it’s not just you–your kids have questions, too. An episode of Justin Time may have them wondering “How far away is the moon?”, while the StoryBots will have them pondering all sorts of riddles like “How do airplanes fly?” and “Why is the sky blue?”. Parents are expected to have the answers to everything, and thanks to Google, you do. Netflix viewers big and small are Googling their favourite shows more than ever.

From the facts and figures of history to little-known answers for peculiar questions, what are the most recent searches in your Netflix and Google history?

With their curious minds, it doesn’t take your kids long to turn family movie night into a never-ending session of 21 Questions. Let Google help you take a trip to Motunui with Moana or explore the hidden depths of King Julien’s Madagascan home. Once you’re finished Googling, download and share these GIFs on your social channels.

Kids may say the darndest things, but they also ask the hardest questions. Whether it’s the new way they’re learning long division or they’re asking you science questions that seem much more sophisticated than their age (thanks Magic School Bus Rides Again), keep your family TV time moments intact with Google in the palm of your hand.

Some Netflix Fun for the Adults


On October 27th a new season of Stranger Things is coming out! We are so pumped, my husband and I finished the first season in a few days and just CAN’T WAIT to see the new one! Stranger Things 2 is going to be a blast and a half. I am sure many are anticipating more amazing adventures in the upside down. Something else cool? There is a new Stranger Things game available to play on Google Play and iTunes and IT’S FREE! 

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