Raising Boys- It’s an Adventure

Before you become the parent of boys, you never realize just how much of an adventure it is raising boys. You think you have done it already, this raising kids job super easy and nothing can make you cringe again, well that theory will change soon after you become a parent of a boy. Raising boys brings a whole new adventure of insects, boy humor and lots of dirt! Maybe you got lucky and your boy has no interest in such things, but when we talked to those raising boys we found the general consensus to be the same. Raising boys is an adventure. 

raising boys

Boys like Insects

It is unavoidable, boys like insects. There is nothing you can do about it. No matter how many times you try to encourage your wonderfully adorable son to stay away from insects, it won’t happen. Boys seem to be naturally drawn to anything in the gross category of life, to include the wide range of insects available on this Earth. Don’t be alarmed when you son wants an ant farm or to have a pet worm in a container while he “feeds” it grass and dirty every day as he stares at the wobbly worm doing absolutely nothing! This amuses boys; they enjoy all things related to wiggly, sticky, squirming … insects!

Boys Test Body Limits

Keep a watchful eye on your son because once his feet hit the ground and he can run? Well you are all in big, huge trouble now. Boys will test their body limits to an extreme level like no other, they will run and jump off a picnic table simple to see what the end result is. Boys will climb trees higher than you ever wished to climb, and then expect you to climb up as a means to help them get back down. Boys will do anything they possibly can to see just how far their body stretches bends and can withstand.

Raising Boys: Boy Humor

You will never realize just how funny a fart can be until you are raising boys! Your son will break out in absolutely laughter over a simple, tiny, low sounding fart! Burps, toilets, private areas, basically if you name it and it has to do with the body or body gas noises? Boys will be all over that with giggles and often attempt to imitate said humorous action. Learn to like boy humor, because without the tolerance of boy humor, you may not survive raising boys.

There are many fun adventures that come along with raising boys; insects, body limits and boy humor are only a few of the numerous ways your sons will keep you on your toes. Each day learn to embrace what your son loves, so as long as you are raising boys’ safe and feeding them? Then let them run loose and learn more about the world they live in. These boys will only be young once, let them enjoy childhood without cringing too much at their antics.

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