New Years Resolution Tips- 5 Ways to Set Great Goals for 2015

New Years Resolution Tips are important to attaining your Resolutions this 2015. Keeping your Resolutions can be hard. In fact, sometimes it can feel just down right impossible. There are many ways to Keep your New Years Resolutions. The first step to attaining your goals, is knowing HOW to set good ones.  

New Years Resolution Tips


New Years Resolution Tips- 5 Ways to Set Great Goals 

1. Set Attainable Goals

When setting goals for the next year, make sure they are realistic and attainable. If the goals you are setting are not attainable, then don’t even bother! Set small realistic goals. It is important that there is a “end” in sight. 

2. Make a Commitment to your Goals

Writing down what goals you want to achieve, and the steps you are going to take to achieve them, is very important. Documentation will help you to make sure that you take the time you need to spend in order to attain your goals.

3. Set a Deadline

Give yourself a timeline in order to achieve your goals. By setting a deadline, you will be able to set monthly mini goals in order to get one step closer each month to hitting your goal by the deadline.

4. Set Specific Goals

Be specific with what you want to achieve. Say you want to lose 50lbs by the end October. It’s January. That means you have to lose 5lbs a month to attain that goal. So be specific in what it is you want to attain. Instead of saying: “I want to lose 50lbs by October.” Say: “I want to lose 5lbs a month until October.”

5. Reward Yourself

When you have hit a milestone within your goal, don’t forget to reward yourself with something special. This will keep you focused on the end reward of achieving your goal. 

Do you Set New Years Resolutions? Do You have any New Years Resolution Tips?



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