8 Fun New Years Activities for Kids

New Years Activities are important to make ringing in the New Year special for you Little ones. If you are planning on staying in this year with your little ones, there are many different awesome things you can do together! 

New Years Activities Kids

See, it’s been a long while since I have left my family on New Years. In fact, I am pretty sure that I have spent EVERY New Years with my Kids and Husband. They (I don’t know who they are) say, that the way you spend New Years will be the way you spend the rest of the year and quite frankly, I don’t want to risk NOT spending the rest of my year with my family…. silly I know. Besides, I am kind of a homebody and much prefer pajama parties to actual parties. Just my preference though and not bashing those that get a sitter and go out. You do you! 

If you do find yourself home with you kids this New Years Eve, there are some fantastic activities that you can participate in with your Children. IN fact, just because you are home with the kids doesn’t MEAN that they HAVE to stay up with you until midnight. Let’s face it, I don’t usually make it until 12am either. 

8 Fun New Years Activities for Children

Get Dressed up 

Get all dressed up in some fancy clothes for the evening. Put on your finest attire, do your hair and make up, heck even paint your nails. Your Kids will enjoy getting all fancy just to enjoy your time at home. 

Have a Dinner Party

Have a Family dinner party. Eat Finger Foods off fancy plates together. Put on some music and enjoy each other. 

Fort Time

Build a super awesome fort together. Fill it with pillows and stuffed animals and play games. If you plan on watching the Ball drop on TV make sure the fort is positioned where you can see the TV! 

Make a Time Capsule

New Years Eve is a fantastic time to make and hide a time capsule. You can put anything you want in it! Drawings, Photos, Poems. That way you can take it out next New Years and see what has changed in the last year. 

Make Your Own Party Supplies

Make hats, streamers and even your own confetti! It’s much more fun when the kids and I can sit down and make our own party supplies. Our hats are always pretty hilarious each year. 

Have a Family Sleepover

Drag your mattresses out to the living room! You can all have a sleepover together. The kids love it when we do this! It’s always so much fun. 

Do you Celebrate New Years with Your Kids?

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