Miracles From Heaven – A Must See For Everyone on July 12th

Let me start by saying, we are not necessarily a religious family. If the title of this movie turns you off because you aren’t either, let me tell you that in my opinion, you are making a big mistake. 

Miracles From Heaven

Although Sony Pictures’ Miracles from Heaven does focus on faith and religion, it’s about so much more than that! Miracles from Heaven is based on the incredible memoir and true story of Christy Beam: Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing. This film is incredibly inspirational to watch with your entire family and is packed with universal themes of family, hope, charity, never giving up hope, kindness and family values.

Have you ever felt hopeless and alone? Angry that you weren’t getting somewhere with something? Felt stuck? Everyone has in one way or another and this movie is a way to remind yourself that hope, and believing in miracles can guide you through life. 

What I loved About Miracles From Heaven

I really enjoyed watching this story unfold. There were so many light-hearted moments, but there were also many that made me cry. Watching this family’s journey made me grateful for the health of my children, the closeness of my community, and the bond we have as a family. 

The actors all did an amazing job, Jennifer Garner is one of my favourites so I was really happy she was cast in the role of Christy Beam. Queen Latifah is another big name starring in the movie and as usual, she did a phenomenal job in her character.

I love how many lessons there were in the movie. You end up learning a lot, especially near the end when everything comes to light. I can’t wait to watch this story of love, family, and community again. 

I can’t believe that this is based on a true story—that’s what makes this story even MORE amazing! I was completely enthralled with how amazing this story was as a whole.


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Don’t hesitate; I highly recommend you go out and get this movie as soon as it hits the shelves, get yourself a copy, share with your family, or gift a copy to someone you love. You won’t regret it for a second.

This post was brought to you by Sony Pictures but the opinions are my own.


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