11 Ways to Make Christmas Less Stressful this Year

The Holidays can be stressful, for anyone. If you have children, this can be especially true! Over the Holidays, it would be nice to just relax with some eggnog, kick it by a fire, watch some christmas movies, whatever. 

That doesn’t seem to happen very often though does it? We get all caught up in spending time with family. We tire ourselves out with dragging our kids all over the place. We exhaust ourselves entertaining. In fact, sometimes, we just over do it! How can we make Christmas less stressful!?

Make Christmas Less Stressful

Well, Let’s find out how to make Christmas less stressful shall we? I think so. I would rather enjoy my holidays than feel like I need a vacation after Christmas vacation and I am sure you would too. 

20 Ways to Make Christmas Less Stressful this Year

1. You don’t Always have to say Yes 

Honestly, you don’t. If you don’t feel like doing something. DON’T. If you have 20 things on your plate already and feel that running a silent auction is too much… don’t be silent when you say: “No thank you.” 

2. Have a Potluck Party

If you are entertaining a large crowd, make it a potluck. This way you don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone! Ask everyone to bring their own favorite dish. This means that if you have people with different food sensitivities at least you know they are taken care of. 

3. Budget

Yeah, it’s boring I know. BUDGET. Make a budget, follow it and you will be less stressed. No one likes to freak out about MONEY. This applies to everything! Dinner Parties, Gifts… whatever. BUDGET.

4. Plan your Travel… Well

It’s especially important to plan your travel well if you have kids. Travelling over the Holidays can be extremely stressful. Use some Tips to Make your Holiday Travel a lot less stressful and make sure you plan ahead.

5. Make Homemade Gifts

Have some fun with your Littles making some awesome DIY homemade Christmas gifts. This way you can avoid the stores and have some fun with your family at the same time! 

6. Do Your Shopping Online

Seriously, go Christmas Shopping in your Jammies and have it delivered to your door. If the company offers gift wrap, have the gifts shipped right to the recipient, if they live a distance away. Shopping online can make Christmas Less Stressful. 

7. Order Your Christmas Cards 

If you order your Christmas cards online, you can sometimes get a discount on return address labels and so on! Saves money and time. 

8. Skip The Elaborate Outdoor Decor

If you usually decorate with a bunch of different strings of lights, and lawn ornaments, considering cutting down. If you have an especially busy holidays this year, it’s a good idea to minimize. In fact, sometimes, less is more. Pick a few of your faves and leave out the rest. Minimizing the outside decor can make christmas less stressful, and leave you with less to take down after the fact. 

9. Don’t Travel at all

Explain to your family that dragging around two children every year, and finding people to dog sit, has become too much. They will understand, or they won’t. Either way, you will get to spend a holiday in the comfort of your own home. You can invite people over for lunch to visit instead, but make it a small luncheon. 

10. Take Time Outs When Needed

If you find yourself getting a little over stressed. TAKE A TIME OUT! The only one who can Make Christmas Less Stressful for you, is you. 

11. Find the Time to Enjoy

Take the time to enjoy the Holidays! Don’t allow yourself to over stress. It is, after all, the most wonderful time… of the year. 

How Do You Make Christmas Less Stressful?

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