Hyper Children and Cookies For Santa

The day of Christmas Eve was quite busy in our household and full of hyper children. I spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen doing my Christmas Baking. I made quite the plethora of goodies… but next time I will space it out over a few days instead of trying to do it all at once. My kitchen was a disaster!

By the end of the day I Was just exhausted, we had our normal Christmas Eve dinner of a bunch of yummy finger foods and watched Christmas movies. Baby girl went to bed at normal time (7:30pm) as she was¬†seemingly¬†exhausted as well and since she is a year old she wasn’t too interested in anything anyways.

Little Man got to stay up for a while to lay out Santa’s cookies and milk and of course the carrot for the reindeer. We called his Papa and J-J on the phone and they tried to convince him that 4:00am was a good time to get up the next day… After he got off the phone with Papa and J-J he was excited and wound for sound!



Thankfully after all that he went to bed no issues and didn’t get up until 7:30am on Christmas Day!

I wonder if anyone else’s children were quite THIS excited Christmas eve.


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