How to Make Chores Fun For Kids

In my house, my Children do chores. We have always had the mindset that we all live here so we should all contribute and help each other. Sometimes, getting your kids to do chores can be frustrating. Throw the frustration out the window. All you have to do is make Chores fun.

Stop laughing. I am SERIOUS.

Make Chores Fun for Kids

There are many ways to make Chores fun for kids. In fact, the more fun those chores are, the more likely your children are to do them without one moan or groan. Trust me, I know. These are implemented, tried and true Ninjamommers’ approved methods that we have used in our house. They work and in turn… so do my kids. 

Make Chores Fun for Kids

Set a Timer

Make the chores a contest. Set the timer and see who can get more done, efficiently, in their allotted amount of time. The winner gets to choose a reward. We do 1/2 an hour of what they want to watch on TV. 

Musical Chores

Have a dance party while you clean! In fact, we like to play musical chores. When the song stops you switch chores and take over for someone else. The first chore fully completed means the last person doing that chore, gets to sit out! Being out of a game has never been rewarding. 

Reward Charts

Reward charts are a great way to make chores fun for kids. For every chore they complete you can add a sticker to the chart. Once they get a certain amount of stickers they can cash them in for a reward of their choosing. This makes it a lot of fun for the kids as well as a learning experience. 

Choose Age Appropriate Chores

Ensuring that you are choosing  Age Appropriate Chores for your young children, is a great way to minimize that moaning and groaning associated with chores. Sometimes, it’s not that the kids don’t want to help, it’s that the chores they are being given are too hard (or too easy). 

Make Chores fun for kids and you will have an easier time and a lot more help! 

Do your kids have fun doing Chores?




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