Holiday Checklist- Help Preparing For This Christmas Season

The holidays are creeping up on us fast! And instead of your chestnuts roasting on an open fire, you may be starting to feel as though they are in a vice. Never fear, Ninja Mommers is here! Santa isn’t the only one that should be making a list and checking it twice- although your list won’t consist of what children are “Naughty” or “Nice”, it’s more likely to consist of gifts to get everyone, parties to go to, In laws coming to visit and meal plans. Sound overwhelming? It CAN be… But those who fail to plan, plan to fail… So get out that pen… or hit “CTL-C” and let the listing begin.

One of the most important things is to start early! In fact, now is kind of late.. so yes… I have been slacking. However, it CAN be done… as long as its done NOW. ¬†Allot yourself blocks of time to get things done. As of now there are 3 weeks until Christmas so if you are starting your lists now this would be considered week 1.

Holiday Checklist- Get Organized Now!


Week 1:

  • Make your Christmas Card list- Make sure to check addresses.
  • Get all the Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas Cards, Stamps, Envelopes, Tape, Bows, Gift Labels,¬†and anything else you can possibly think of to make those presents pretty and those cards mailed.
  • Write out your gift list and a budget for each person on your list before you go shopping- Failing to do this presents a risk of over buying, over spending and perhaps buying more for one child then the other.. making you.. or Santa.. look like a meanie head.
  • Try to finish at least 2/3 of your Christmas gift list this week. Shop when the stores are less busy so that you can get lots done in a small period of time without having to throw elbows.
  • Write out and send all your Christmas Cards.
  • Pick up a few “extra” gifts, Candles, Bottles of Wine etc. to give to a hostess of a party or a neighbour or acquaintance that stops by with an unexpected present so that you don’t get caught off gaurd.
  • Set up a “Wrapping Station” somewhere in your house so that you can wrap each present as soon as you buy them, don’t forget to use the gift labels as you will forget who they are for if they aren’t labelled.
  • Buy and decorate your tree!

Week 2:

  • Write out your Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner Menus. Make a “Master” copy of a grocery list so you avoid trips to the store for one forgotten item.
  • Take Stock of whatever you have in your cupboards or pantry. Add all the staples you are missing for baking to your grocery list.
  • Pre-order you Ham/Turkey from your grocery stores meat counter or your local butcher shop.
  • Shop for all your non-perishable food items.
  • Mail gifts to out of town friends and family members.
  • Finish your gift shopping: Shopping online is an easy way to get the last few things on your list.

Week 3:

  • Hang Your Inside Decorations this week if you haven’t already! (which you should have.. come on get on it!)
  • Finish gift wrapping
  • Hang Your outside decor… don’t go too crazy, you don’t want it to look like Christmas thew up on your house.
  • Make sure that your bar is well stocked- I assume after leaving all these preparations to the last 3 weeks you have cleaned it out, bet you looked funny stumbling around outside putting up decorations- Don’t forget garnishes and Mixers!
  • Clean your house
  • Prepare Dishes you can “Make Ahead” as soon as possible
  • Get your husband/a friend to pick up the perishables on your list (you have enough to do)
  • Take your serving dishes out of storage and clean them
  • Last but not least- Ask for help where needed- There is no shame in needing assistance- unless you have left all your preparations to the last week, in which case… You’re insane- 3 weeks is cutting it close!


Most of all, Do Not Drink And Drive And Have A Safe And Happy Holiday Season! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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