Happy Birthday To My Niece

My Little Niece is one year old today! Happy Birthday to my Niece! I was there when she was born, and got to experience the miracle of her birth! I got to hold her in my arms and snuggle her and kiss her! It was an amazing moment… and now, it’s been an entire year! Where does the time go!?

I hope she enjoys her first birthday and knows how much we love her! Being far away and missing a big milestone like this is disheartening and it’s a shame I can’t scoop her up in my arms and hold her tight! But I will be thinking about Baby A all day and I hope she has the perfect first birthday and makes a huge mess with the cake… because after all the “Smash Cake” is always the most fun!

I composed a poem for her on her first birthday, I hope one day she reads it.

Little One, You’re growing fast

How did it happen that a year has already passed,

Kisses and Hugs and Love sent to you, 

We will always love you, I hope you know that is true,

Enjoy your First Birthday, we hope it’s filled with fun, 

Because after all, You are turning One! 


 So… Happy Birthday to my Niece! I hope she has the best day possible!


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