Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the bend and while some are excited, decorating and preparing to get dressed up and go out trick or treating, there are also those that stay home and hand out candy.

Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, it is very important that you ensure the safety of those visiting your home this Halloween. 

Leave the Outside Lights on

Firstly, a lot of trick-or-treaters are told to avoid dark houses on their Halloween adventures, so if you are anticipating handing out treats, make sure your house is well lit. It’s also important to ensure that there is enough light on the walk up to your house to avoid anyone tripping over things they can’t see. It may also be important that you add additional lighting if you have an especially long driveaway. 

Avoid Vandalism

If you can, park your vehicle in a garage, at very least ensure the car doors are locked. It is also important to keep the inside of your house well lit, especially if you are not home. 

Keep Your Pets Indoors

Your pets can be scared by the lights, sounds and costumes from Halloween. It is very important for your pets safety to ensure that they are inside and in a safe area to avoid spooking them and having them run away. 

Battery Operated Lights Instead of Flame

Pumpkins, Candles and other decor can be accidentally knocked over with all the trick-or-treaters coming to your door. Instead of using open flame, opt for battery operated lights instead. 

Clear a Path

Ensure that there is a clear path from the road to your front door. Remove anything that people can trip over or harm themselves with, such as extension cords, tools, etc. 

It is very important to ensure that your home is a safe place to be this Halloween! Halloween should be fun, and avoiding accidents is crucial. 

Do you Take Certain Safety Measure as a Homeowner on Halloween?


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