Funny Kids Quotes- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday

Funny Kids QuotesWelcome to your one stop shop for Funny Kids Quotes. Little Man says the darndest things, at the greatest times… or not so greatest times sometimes. Like when he was about three and decided to applaud me in a public washroom for having “Pooped in the potty so well.” 

Either way, you are in the right place for some good old funny kids quotes. Yes, yes you are. 

This week was super cold. Just FRIGID. For some reason the sidewalks where we live are not taken care of very well, and well, I do not drive so I have been walking Little Man to school daily. Thankfully, the school is pretty close, but that does not make up for the fact that the sidewalks could sometimes be mistaken for skating rinks, or in some cases, packed down snowmobile trails with random dips and drops. We all know that I am vertically challenged, so this has proven to be dangerous for me. 

On the way to walk Little Man to school this week, all decked out in our winter gear, we were slipping and sliding and climbing and falling all over the place. 

Little Man was motoring in front of me, trying to keep warm and deal with the rough terrain. He was making car noises, so I assumed he was pretending he was a car, trying to navigate around a race track. 

All of a sudden, he fell. Right down on the ice. He landed pretty hard. I picked him up and dusted him off, when he looked at me with his great big brown eyes and said: 

“Well, it’s too bad I don’t have Winter Tires, race cars just don’t have that sort of thing.” 

No little man, no they don’t. Now let’s motor to school. Vroom Vroom! 

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