Funny Kids Quotes- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday

Funny Kids Quotes¬†Welcome Back! Well, I have good news… if you didn’t know already and aren’t celebrating…. IT’S FRIDAY! Yay! And along with the end of the¬†week comes some more Funny Kids Quotes courtesy of Little Man!

This week he made me giggle. I can’t get over how grown up he is, but he sure hasn’t lost his funny little outlook on life and still holds many funny ideas and thoughts and never hesitates to share them with anyone.

The other day Little Man and I were discussing life in general, just having an innocent chat while I quietly got their breakfast ready.

Sipping away on my coffee, I asked little man a few questions which he answered and then proceeded to tell me how much he wanted to be an adult. I was taken aback. Granted, when I was his age I thought that being an adult was going to be amazing, and for the most part it is… but there is NOTHING like being a child and enjoying life truly and completely with minimal stress and responsibility.

So I asked Little Man why in the world he wanted to be an adult so badly. His response was just a confused mess stretching from wanting to be able to go to work all the way to wanting to ride his bike to the park by himself…. which is funny because as an adult, I would still die to ride my bike to the park by myself…. but that never happens…. so….

Anyways, I explained to Little Man that perhaps being an adult wasn’t quite as fun and care free as being a child and that he should really just enjoy his childhood while it lasts. I told him that adults have a lot of responsibility and people that depend on them and that while all that is nice and can be fun, it shouldn’t be rushed.

Little Man’s response was comical to me…

“Ohhh, riiiight Mommy. Yeah, adults have problems that kids don’t right!? Like they have adult teeth and things like cabbage gets stuck in them……”

Yes, the cabbage in my teeth is my biggest issue. Glad we worked that out Little Man.

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