How to Find Joy in Motherhood

There are many circumstances that mothers find themselves in that can really take a toll on finding the joy in motherhood. Between juggling work, household demands and those little children who love to test your daily limits it can be extremely difficult to sit down at the end of the day and smile about the job of motherhood. While being a mom is said to be one of the most difficult jobs in the world, there is joy to be had in motherhood, it’s all about focusing on the little rewards you receive throughout each day on this journey.


Find the Joy in Motherhood

One of the first lessons a new mom learns is to remove unrealistic expectations, motherhood is shown in this beautiful life of sunshine and roses all over magazines and the internet. Reality is that motherhood is trying, demanding and just plain exhausting. Once you learn to let go of those unrealistic expectations that were implanted into your mind all of your life, you will find more joy in motherhood naturally with little effort.

Learn to focus on what is right in front of you versus what you don’t have. It’s easy to get all caught up in what our life may be missing; motherhood exhausts us after all so it’s clear the mind can become overwhelmed with anxiety. When you start to focus on what you have in motherhood, such as healthy children who love you without limits, food to nourish your family and a roof over your head, those negative thoughts surrounding life dissipate and in turn joy shines through.

Let go of that selfish, entitled feeling that you deserve more than your children do. You have a child who wants to spend time with you, they want to play games with you and have you a part of their life; remember time moves quickly and before you know it that same child will be a teenager who wants nothing to do with you. Stop putting your entitled demands first, deal with a cold cup of coffee on occasion if it means placing joy into your child’s life in giving them time to bond with you. When you give joy to your child through quality time spent the joy within you blossoms beyond measure. 

Last but not least, learn to reach out to other moms. There is nothing more joyful than reaching out to another mom only find out their situation is worse or comparable to ours. Reaching out to confide in other moms increases our joy with little effort and makes another mom’s day better too. The joy in motherhood increases across the board when we confide in others without comparison or judgment.

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