You’re The Star Christmas Tree Ornament- DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments- You’re The Star

What You Need:

Green Craft Sticks

Green Pipe Cleaners

Sparkly Pipe Cleaners

Various colour beads

 Photos of yourself/kids/family

What You Do:

Use the pipe cleaner to twist around the green craft stick in various lengths and heights to create a tree shape.

Decorate your tree with the beads of your choosing by placing them over the pipe cleaner.

Using a hot glue gun, glue a sparkly peice of pipe cleaner to the top forming a Circle (to hang from the branches.)

Hot glue gun your picture to the top of the tree over the sparkly pipe cleaner and allow to dry.

Place on your tree and marvel in the beauty!

These would also make marvelous gifts to give to family from your children!

Little Man loves his decoration, and when he saw me bring it out of the box this year to put it on the tree, he was ecstatic that we still had it! He wanted to put it on the tree all by himself. He was very proud to have created something that his whole family can enjoy every year at Christmas! We are going to make more this year, in fact we may just do one with a Family Portrait on it as well so that we can be the stars of our Family Tree!

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