Decorating for the Holidays with Children- My House Barfed Christmas

Decorating for the Holidays with Children

My house has barfed Christmas all over the place. No, seriously.

Last night I was outside with some neighbors having a chat and came to the realization that my house looks like it has barfed Christmas. Now, it’s not that it looks terrible.. or ugly or bad.


It sticks out like a sore thumb!

I look around at the rest of the houses in our town house complex and realize; There is a huge difference between those houses that have young children that live in them, and those that don’t.


My neighbor has beautiful tasteful lights in their window, that glow a soft white light onto the sparkling snow on the window sill. They sit nicely, dangling in such a delicate way that portrays perfection….. IN MY window… I have a plethora of different colour lights, all strung up in different directions, trying to make sense. Plopped in the middle of them are these figures enveloped in lights, one is a wreath and the other is a star, suction cupped in what I tried to estimate as the closest to the middle of the “mess”.

It Doesn’t Stop There… 

Oh no it doesn’t. Not even close. The kids know they are not to touch the tree, the lights or any of the decorations once they have been put up. Do they touch them? Oh, of course not. No way, not them. At least not when I am around… See, usually all I want for Christmas is a bathroom break without little hands creeping under the door, or the lights being turned off or someone barging in mid pee screaming something incohearant about cookies and cheese, leading me to ask the crazy question: Can I Please Poop Alone? However, lately, I have been able to have plenty of bathroom breaks alone! While one would assume that is something that is worth celebrating, it is not. Upon re-entering the room, I tend to find both my children either: A) Wrapped up in the curtains, pulling the lights off the windows while screaming “This is Sparta!” Ok, so really they aren’t doing that last part… might as well be. OR B) Practically lumberjacks, up my fake tree… chopping every last significant part of it’s well being off and in the process yelling “TIMBER” as every. single. decoration hits the floor and the puppy runs away to hide it.

One day my house will look upscale and classy…. but for now…. my kids have fun with it. Christmas Barfed on my House.


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