Campbell’s is asking: Who Helps You Mom? #Sponsored #TheMotherhood

Motherhood can be hard. Have you ever been asked: “Who helps you Mom?” With Mother’s Day coming up fast, I have a chance to share with you who helps me on my journey of parenthood! Whohelpsyou mom

Campbell’s #TheMotherhood 

Campbell’s has been helping to appreciate Mother’s and those that help them. The videos below show just how Campbell’s has helped those who do all they do every day, feel appreciated.

These videos are so heart warming I had to break out the tissues! These are a MUST watch! 


Campbell’s wants to know Who helps You Mom?

Who helps you mom

Being a mom is not easy, and we all need a little help sometimes. I mostly try to do things on my own, I have always been that way. I actually despise asking for help! 

We live a few hours away from most of our family, but I get support all the time from them. Kind words, upbeat messages and lots of reassurance. I am lucky to have everyone I do. Friends I can call at a moments notice, even just to talk. Family that is sure to be there when I ask! 

 There are some, though, that have gone above and beyond almost every single day! I am extremely grateful for them. I have never really had to ask for help, these women just volunteer it to make other’s lives easier. They are amazing.

I have an amazing neighbour, let’s call her “L”, L helps me anytime I need. She has taken my dogs for a walk when I am stressed, let my dogs out when I am not home, volunteers to watch the kids and even is just there for me when I need a friend. She never expects anything in return and is just so sweet. I can count on her and it’s really nice to know that. 

I met a wonderful woman at my son’s school who has since become an amazing friend. She drove my son to school all winter long every morning so that I didn’t have to walk him, with his younger sister in the snow. She never asked for anything in turn. Nothing at all. She still, now that is summer, picks him up on the mornings that my younger daughter doesn’t go to preschool, and on the days that she does, and we walk, she drives me back home from the school with a stop at our favorite coffee shop on the way. Walking in the cold all winter would have stunk, not to mention the times we were sick, or otherwise held up. She has always been there. For that I am forever grateful. It’s women like my friend “T” that make the world a better place. 

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Who Helps You Mom?

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