How to Balance Multiple Children

Are you often found juggling parenthood of multiple children? Does it seem like every day you are being torn in too many directions between your multiple children? Today we will guide you through some methods on how to balance multiple children, to include ways to incorporate alone time with child as a means to strengthen the bond between you and each of your multiple children.

multiple children

As the parent of multiple children, you know each of these little human beings by heart. You know what makes them tick and you know what they enjoy completely. Use this information to your advantage when you are starting off on this mission of raising multiple children. Each of your children loves you dearly and while some moments may seem as if they can’t possibly love you, they really do! When you start to learn how to balance multiple children and provide that one-on-one time with each, you will start to see a huge change in your children’s behavior.

Most of your life will change once you find yourself raising multiple children but don’t fret; it doesn’t have to be this hair pulling, stressful scenario. With implementation of the following suggestions, you will be well on your way to living your happily ever after… for the most part.

How to Balance Multiple Children

  • Schedule Play Time – reign in on the play time. Try to schedule the playtime hours with kids in a way that works for all aged children. If you have teenagers, try to make them play a leadership role in the game for younger siblings.
  • Remember Each Child is an Individual – Learn and remember that each of your multiple children are individuals with their own set of challenges, dreams and likes. Make sure to stay consciously aware that each child is their own person and treat them as so.
  • Address Sibling Rivalry – Speak up when sibling rivalry is heading off the deep end. Be sure to allow your multiple children time to reconcile a sibling rivalry moment on their own. Allowing them to work it out solo, teaches them life lessons of engaging with others. Only step in and address the situation when you realize it is heading off the deep end.
  • Keep it Fair – Life may not be fair overall, but parenthood can be the one exception where you do your best to keep things fair under your roof. Consequences should fit the crime and should be consistent across the board based on age level with all of your children.
  • Create a Poster Board with Rules – Having multiple children means that your rules best be set in stone and up on the wall for easy reading by all children. Making sure that you have a poster board with rules hanging on the wall in an area easily seen by all children makes it very black and white of what you expect from your children.

Overall learning how to balance multiple children will be a struggle, but once you master the above skills and tricks of the trade, You will fly by this stage with ease!  Before you know it your kids will be adults and you will enjoy the memories made. 

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