7 Unhealthy Eating Habits of the Busy Mom

Do you take part in any of these unhealthy eating habits of the Busy Mom? I have, and do. It’s shameful really.

unhealthy eating habits

You do it, I do it, maybe we all do it. After all, you’re busy. What am I talking about? I am talking about grabbing something quick to eat, and hiding in the kitchen, standing as you shove it in your mouth. I am talking about constant grazing. I am talking about not taking the time to feed yourself a healthy and balanced meal. I am talking about 7 unhealthy eating habits of the busy mom. 


Unhealthy Eating Habits of the Busy Mom

Coffee Isn’t a Food Group 

 No matter how you brew it, coffee isn’t a food group. Coffee should never take the place of a healthy balanced meal. I know you are busy, I know you need that pick me up. I know. I need it too. All I am asking is that you ALSO eat something healthy in the morning. 

Goldfish Crackers aren’t Lunch

They just aren’t. This is one of the biggest unhealthy eating habits! If you think that because you just mindlessly shoved your face full of Goldfish crackers as you were grabbing the kids a quick snack, that you now have to avoid lunch to save the calories. Don’t. Just DO NOT. That could possibly be the worst thing you could do for lunch. Eat a smaller lunch if you must, but in no way is two fistfuls of crackers shoved in your mouth, considered a balanced meal.

Stop Drinking Your Calories

Pop, Sugary Juices, etc. Avoid them as much as possible! These are not helping you. They may make you feel as though you are rewarding yourself, but rewards are positive. Filling yourself up on junk, is not.

Grazing is for Goats

Are you a Goat? No? Then stop grazing constantly. Hiding in the kitchen, between the fridge and the pantry, trying to quietly open the wrapper on a chocolate bar and shove it in your face before the kids discover what you are doing, is wrong. It’s the wrong thing to do. So stop it. 

Binge Eating isn’t a Sport

When the kids go to bed and you sit on the couch eating everything in your cabinet, this isn’t something that would ever be considered as a sport in anything other than the couch potato Olympics. So stop racing the clock to shove that giant bag of chips down your gullet. You will not win gold.

Portion Control IS a Thing

Controlling your portions is important, eating too much or too little can both be detrimental to your health in different ways. Make sure that you are getting enough of every food group, without over doing it. 

Quick and Easy isn’t Always Better

I get it, you are busy. TOO BAD. Sometimes you just HAVE to take the time to ensure that you are providing your body with the proper nutrition. Your family counts on you, you count on you. There ARE quick and easy meals that are ALSO healthy. 

Do you participate in any of these unhealthy eating habits of the busy mom?



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  1. jaymi on March 21, 2015 at 8:22 am

    grazing and pop are the worst ones for me.

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