5 Free Activities to Bond with Your Kids

Bonding with our Children is so important. Just sitting back and enjoying our Children is incredibly important! Doing fun and exciting things doesn’t always have to cost mass amounts of money, and it doesn’t mean we even have to leave our own homes.

Activities to Bond with Your Kids

Winter is on it’s way, so why not find some great free activities to bond with your kids? Especially if you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. These are just a few of the activities to bond with your kids that we participate in. These are some of our favourite family bonding things to do. 

5 Free Activities to Bond with Your Kids

Have a Sleepover

Drag your mattresses out to the living room, and camp out there. Watch movies, eat snacks, play board games. The kids and I do this frequently and it’s so much fun. The next morning we have an awesome breakfast and eat in our Jammies in bed watching some Morning Cartoons. 

Build a Fort 

Build a fort out of blankets and pillows. Have the kids set up their favourite stuffed animals inside and tell stories.

Write a Story Together

Get out a Pencil and Paper and write a story with your kids. Let everyone take turns adding pieces to the story. Once the story has been written, illustrate the story and then read it together. 

Cook a Meal

My kids love to cook with me in the kitchen, we have so much fun. Let them be creative with the ingredients, and then taste test everything. Giving kids the confidence is a great way to bond. 

Write in a Family Journal 

Write in a Family Journal! Sit down together and record your favourite memories, your thoughts and any inspirations you have had as a family. Go back and read it every once in a while. 

Do you have any special Activities to Bond with your Kids?

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