5 Everyday Things That are Draining to do With Kids

Parenting can be draining as it is. The 3am wake up calls that can last YEARS before they tether off, the potty training battles, the bedtime fiascoes. It is all beyond exhausting, in fact it can be just plain debilitating. 

Everyday Things Draining with Kids

I often say: “There is not enough coffee in the world,” and while that’s not true it certainly feels darn accurate to me. 

There are certain tasks that are especially draining to perform with your kids in tow, tasks that you wish you could hire someone else to do so that you can sit with the coffee IV and hope that your kids will stop running around in circles with the dog, sometime soon. Alas, those tasks have to be completed, and it’s YOU that has to complete them.

Things that are Draining to do With Kids

Grocery Shopping

Seriously, sometimes I just wish that I never had to see the inside of a grocery store. Ever again. I am so done with the stupid carts whose wheels have a mind of their own and those darn aisles filled with candy that make my kids shriek at decibels only dogs can hear. I hate those stupid tiny washrooms I have to stuff myself and my two kids in because one of them has to pee RIGHT NOW. 

Cleaning the House

The second that floor is even slightly cleaner than it was 10 minuets ago, someone will wear their muddy shoes through the house, climb the cabinetry and spill flour all over the place or sneeze while eating crackers. There goes the clean floor. 

Walking the Dogs

Walking the dogs can be a peaceful activity. That is, until your three year old runs off chasing a squirrel and you are left juggling two dogs who also want to chase the squirrel while screaming like a mad woman for your 3 year old to COME BACK! 

Cooking Dinner 

“I’m hungry”, “Can I have a snack?” Cooking dinner can be insane. Tripping over little feet, little hands stealing pieces of whatever it is that you are chopping up… If they aren’t in the kitchen pretending to be food thieves, they are in the living room, fighting.. over nothing. 

Talking on the Phone

Talking on the phone. No. It’s not easy. Making a 3 minuet phone call can be virtually impossible when the kids are screaming, dogs are barking at nothing and your husband is farting in the background. Those things actually happen in my house, I usually stick to emails for a reason! 

What Things do you Find Draining with Kids?


  1. IRIS on June 26, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Eating a meal. I’m usually the last one to eat after feeding a baby, a preschooler and six year old who refuses to eat most of what is placed infront of her.

  2. Reese Speaks on April 19, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Taking them to the doctor is an errand I dread! Since i don’t have a car, it takes about 45 minutes to get to a place that takes only about 10 minutes by car. There is then waiting to be see by a nurse for collecting vitals, then waiting sometimes almost 20 minutes in a small room with a computer, phone and plenty of fun shiny instruments with two impatient toddlers that drains my body. Oh, then I have to get them home…

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