Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas – No Babysitter Needed

If you are looking for some Valentine’s Day Date night ideas, you have come to the right place! With Valentine’s Day coming up so quickly, finding some great Valentine’s Day date night ideas for you and your significant other may be on your mind. If you can’t find a sitter, or don’t want one, you can still have a date night at home once the kids are tuckered out in bed. 

You can use our Family Valentine’s Day Ideas for during the day to make sure the kids are tuckered right out and ready for a good nights sleep.

After the kids are in bed, you can have a date night right from the comfort of your own home.

Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

1. Game Night

Invite some of your couple friends over, Make some snacks and play a game! You can play anything that you all enjoy, anyone want to play some Charades?

If you don’t want to invite over some other couples, you don’t have to! Get out some cards and play some strip poker, just make sure you have a lock on your bedroom door.

2. Share Memories

Watch your wedding video together while snuggling on the couch and drinking the same wine that was served on the tables during your reception.

3. Dance Together

Put on the song that you chose for your first dance at your wedding, if you aren’t married, dance to the first song you have ever danced to together. Dance the night away.

4. Cook Together

I love to cook with my husband, moving in the kitchen in harmony to create a beautiful dish. I find it so romantic. Choose a recipe and make it together!

5. Spa Night

Pamper each other with a spa night. Give each other massages, facials and even manicures!

6. Have a TV Marathon

Watch ever episode you can of a TV show you both love, don’t skimp on the snuggles.

7. Play Video Games

I know, after all my complaining about being part of Wives Married to Video Gamers Anonymous, I am suggesting gaming. It is after all Valentine’s Day though, and if your significant other wants to play a game with you, give it a shot. You might just enjoy it.

8.  Eat Dessert in Bed

Make a decadent dessert and enjoy it together in bed. Mmmm Chocolate and fluffy blanket goodness anyone? Yes please.

9. Put Chocolate on Everything.

Ok, well not EVERYTHING… but close. Make chocolate dipped strawberries or drizzle some chocolate over a banana. Whatever you want!

10. Enjoy Each other

Simply put, just use the evening to enjoy each other’s company!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day date night ideas? 

44 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas – No Babysitter Needed”

  1. I love ideas where there is no babysitter needed! My husband wants for us to cook together. Hehe – he’s all about the food!

  2. This sounds like a perfect romantic evening in! I’ll give some of these a try, especially the share memories and spa night. Going out for a meal by candle lit dinner can seem a bit cheesy, so by staying in, you’ll save money and feel comfortable in your own home at the same time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Emma Jayne x

  3. Cooking together is such a cute idea! I’d have to give my husband the easy tasks because he can burn water, though. At least he’s a great griller! Ooh, maybe grilled steak?

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