Unwind with Netflix After a Long Busy Day

Our family loves nothing more than relaxing together after a long day of work, school or play. How do we unwind? Well of course with a great meal, some awesome conversation and then… Netflix. 

We love to sit down together and cuddle with Netflix. The kids always go get their Jammies on and we have a big old pajama party snuggle. Sometimes, we pick a show that they have been streaming or we settle in with a family movie. It all depends on the day and the amount of time we have to relax before bed.

In fact, now with the new interactive Netflix adventure Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, now you can help to turn what was once screen time into activity time for your littles! Baby girl discovered this and was so enthralled with being able to choose your own adventure and interact with the story. She was so excited in fact that she did a happy dance. She LOVED it and it also proved to be an amazing way to unwind.

As another way to unwind, you can take your kids on a journey of exploration with a helping hand from Netflix.  Travel has proven to be a great way to open kids’ eyes to new and diverse people, places and things and with Netflix, you can introduce your little ones to the vast Arctic Plains with Frozen Planet or the depths of the jungles with Wild Ones. The options are endless when you travel with Netflix

Now pack your bags, grab your Netflix Passports and take your kids on the ultimate adventure. Where will you go first?


Disclosure: Ninjamommers is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receives special perks in order to facilitate these posts. All opinions are of her own and not influenced in any way!*

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