New Years Resolutions- How to Keep Them

Lose weight, Quit Smoking, Eat Healthier, Spend More “Me Time“…. All Common Resolutions and all commonly forgotten so quickly when January is over. Personally I tend to go at it for a Month or so and then once February comes its like the resolutions no longer exist and I go back to doing everything I was doing in December of the year before that I resolved not to.

Resolving to do certain things seems to be something everyone does come the New Year, and the majority “Forget” about their resolutions just as quickly as they made them. Isn’t that convienient? Yes, It is. It’s SO much easier to just “Forget” about doing something that actually requires some semblance of dedication or hard work. Especially when the things you resolved to do are things you dislike doing, or giving up something you love. Every year since I have had Little Man, I have resolved to Eat healthier and Lose weight… and every year I decide that a bathing suit in the summer ISN’T that important and I’d rather eat a Cheeseburger… in the moment.. because of course July rolls around, the sun is shining and I am wrapped in so many clothes trying to hide those Cheeseburger thighs that I couldn’t go swimming because I’d sink… and its THEN that I wish I had just stuck to my darned resolutions.

This Year of Course, my resolutions look eerily similar to the years prior..

They Consist of Quitting Smoking, Eating Healthier and Working out…. A total Lifestyle change. So How is it than I can achieve these goals? How can I keep my resolution to be a Healthier Me?



Lists: I know I ALWAYS go on and on about making Lists… and I am going to do it again. Make a list of what your resolutions are and steps on how to get yourself to stick to/achieve them. Writing out a step by step program breaks down each resolution into smaller steps to get to the big picture which then prevents you from being overwhelmed.

Visual Aids:¬†Use Pictures out of magazines or books to remind yourself of what you want to achieve and WHY. For example, putting up a picture of a cancerous body part may help to remind you why you are quitting smoking and therefore increase the likelihood that you will stick to it. Unless you just don’t care, in which case.. why are you even bothering to try?

Document Your Progress: Write down the things you have achieved that put you closer to reaching your goal. Looking at the progress you have made will deter you from backtracking

and last but not least… STAY POSITIVE! If your goal is to lose weight and eat healthier and you give in and eat a cheeseburger that does NOT undo ALL the work you have already put into achieving your goal and does NOT mean you should give up now because you have “ruined” it… One mistake won’t ruin it all, its what you choose to do AFTER that mistake that makes all the difference..Smile and move ahead.

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