Life Hacks for Parents: 10 Tips to Make Your Mornings Easier

Life hacks for parents can help! A lot. I know they have helped me! Life hacks for… well… everything rock! Check it out! 

Life Hacks for ParentsSometimes mornings can get the best of us! I know that all too well. If you then add the School Morning Drama to the morning, well, It’s nothing short of CHAOS! There has to be some Life Hacks for Parents! I assure you. There are. 

I have two dogs, one that is very much still a puppy in many ways. I also have two Children. Baby Girl just turned 3 and Little Man is 6. Mornings around here can make even the most patient person want to book a one way trip to somewhere warm.  

Due to the fact that mornings around here have the potential to cause insanity and mass pandemonium, I have found some ways to make them a little easier and more organized in order to avoid stress and panic. These life hacks for parents have helped me out immensely and our mornings are quite organized! Got to love life hacks, am I right!?

Life Hacks for Parents: 10 Tips to Make Mornings Easier 

If you are finding mornings, especially during school, are insane, these Life Hacks for Parents will have you feeling a little bit more organized, and you may even get time in for a coffee without spilling it all over yourself.

1. Three Words: Programmable Coffee Maker- This may seem simple to you, but in all reality this can shave some time off your mornings and have you enjoying a hot cup of coffee as soon as you wake up. You can really use any kind of machine for this. We just program our single cup coffee maker for 6am, set up the coffee cup, make sure the water is filled and at 6am our machine turns on and warms up the water and all I have to do is press the “Brew” button when I wake up. If you use a traditional coffee maker, you can do the same and just brew a whole pot without even batting an eyelash. 

2. Wake up Before Your Kids- I know, I know. You are probably thinking: “Wait, What? Why would I wake up EARLIER than my kids do? What kind of LIFE hack is THAT?!” In reality, I used to think the same thing. Now, however, I know that if I wake up 1/2 an hour before they usually do, I can enjoy some coffee in silence and fully wake up prior to being asked a million questions. I can let the dogs out and feed them too, which is helpful since I am not trying to feed dogs, feed kids, etc. etc.  Sometimes, I even have time to throw in a load of laundry or start breakfast. 

3. Pack Lunches the Night Before- I always ensure that my Children’s lunch is packed and waiting  the night before so that all I have to do is put the lunch in the backpack right before we leave for school drop off. This is also the best way to ensure that they are getting healthy lunches and I am not just throwing something together last second. I find this to be one of the most beneficial life hacks for parents to use! I love that their lunches are ready, and I don’t have to worry about it the next morning.

4. Lay out Their Clothes- I am one of those I guess. Ya know, that mom that lays out their kids clothes every single night. It really does help to speed up the school morning process though and ensures they are dressed appropriately for the weather. Doing this also avoids me sending my child to school in mismatched clothing, or them not being able to find a pair of socks (which, believe it or not can cause ridiculous delays in your routine.) 

5. Put Breakfast Items out the Night Before- If we are having something simple like cereal, I like to put the bowls, spoons and box on the counter where my kids can reach them. Having the breakfast stuff ready to go is great because then you are not fumbling around for utensils and a full box of cereal. 

6. Lay out Your Clothes- This sounds crazy, but it works. I know exactly what I am going to throw on in the morning. I don’t have to search for the right outfit, because it’s already on my dresser! 

7. Pack Backpacks ahead of Time- Make sure that everything is packed in your child’s backpack the night before. Any library books, homework or extras for field trips should be in the backpack before bed. This avoids the whole last second fumble for everything they need. This is one of the more simple life hacks for parents to use for the mornings! No more forgotten items. 

8. Check the Weather- In order to lay out clothing appropriately, make sure you check the weather. It is also beneficial you have anything ready to brave the elements the next day: Ie: Rain boots, Rain Coats, Umbrellas etc. If it doesn’t rain, BONUS! If it DOES rain, then you aren’t surprised when you open the door and don’t have to look around everywhere for the appropriate accessories and attire. 

9. Routine, Routine, Routine- This is the most important life hack for parents to use. It is so important to establish a routine! I am not just speaking of the morning routine. I mean in general. If the kids go to bed at a certain time, it’s pretty easy once established, to predict the time they will wake up in the morning. We have also established a routine for mornings and Little Man (6) understands this very well. He wakes up, gets dressed, makes his bed and then comes out for breakfast etc. Having a routine ensures that no one in your household is standing there blank not knowing what to do without constant direction. 

10. Plan for the Unplanned- Always be aware that there may be things that pop up that you were not expecting. It’s important to be on the ball in the other areas to be able to get passed those things that you weren’t expecting, and keep a calm and level head!

Are your Mornings Planned or Chaotic? Do you use any of these Life Hacks?

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  1. Erika Letson on December 23, 2015 at 10:55 am

    Awesome tips, thanks! My new year’s resolution is to have more organized school mornings!

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