Great Dinner Recipes for any Night of the Week

I am always looking for Great Dinner Recipes that I can make for my family! Especially for those busy nights where we have extracurricular activities after school. 

Slow cooker recipes are great for busy nights, as are casseroles that can be assembled earlier in the day and then popped in the oven for a hearty dinner in minuets. I strongly dislike not being able to decide what’s for dinner so I ensure that I am prepared with something delicious after a long day. 

Great Dinner Recipes for the Busy Family


Best Ever Chicken Parm Casserole Recipe

This delicious version of Chicken Parm can be prepared before hand and refrigerated. Just ensure that you don’t add the cheese until you are ready to place this awesome casserole in the oven. I have found this is a great meal with a quick salad after a busy night and the kids LOVE it.  

If you like anything Chicken Parm as much as we do, you will LOVE this dish and want to make it over and over! It’s also great as leftovers for lunches the next day.


Best Ever Broccoli Chicken Casserole

This awesome casserole is an awesome way to get some Broccoli into your kids. My Littles and my hubby love this warm and hearty meal after a day of school, work and activities. This can also be assembled before hand and placed in the fridge until you are ready to eat it. Just warm it up and serve it with a side salad, add Quinoa or some rice and you are golden! 

This is also a great fall or winter meal! It is creamy and delicious and really warms you up like comfort food does. What a fantastic way to warm up after a long day!

If you are looking for something, quick easy and delicious this Best Ever Broccoli Chicken Casserole is for you and your family. 


 Best Ever Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

We love Pulled Pork Sandwiches in this house and these are awesome!

I usually let the pork slow cook all day, and then shred it, turn the slow cooker on “Keep Warm” and place the pulled pork back into the sauce in the slow cooker just before we leave for extracurricular activities! When we get back not only is the Pulled Pork Ready, but it’s also warm and has soaked up some of the sauce leaving it even more moist and delicious! 

If I am in a time crunch I serve it on a fresh bun and top with cheese and coleslaw. BACON

Best Ever Slow Cooked Chicken Breast

These Chicken Breasts are slow cooked to perfection and wrapped in bacon and stuffed with Cream Cheese! Deliciousness! 

I love slow cookers so much and being able to make these on a week night is super awesome. I love to enjoy these with a salad and a nice glass of red wine after a long day. 

Not only are these delicious but they are super easy to make and ready when you get home and I mean… Bacon….and… Cream Cheese. Enough said! 


What are your Favorite Recipes to enjoy on a Weeknight? 

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  1. Soozle on September 12, 2014 at 10:27 am

    I love my slowcooker in the fall/winter months – it’s so nice to come home to a hot meal like stew, or soups..

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