Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety- Ways to Prevent Electrical Injury and Keep Your Family Safe

With parenting comes great responsibility, as I am sure many of you know. There are so many things to remember, learn and figure out. One main thing is to ensure that our children are as safe as possible in the homes we raise them in. Baby gates, deadbolts and toilet lid locks, these are all obvious parts of making sure your home is safe for the wee ones in your lives. We also need to make sure that electrical safety is not overlooked.

Electrical Safety

Being married to an electrician, I am lucky that I have had years of experience with electrical safety. You see, my husband is a Master Electrician and has always been adamant that our house be as safe as possible. 

I remember when I was pregnant with our first child, my husband ran around the house ensuring that all the receptacles were intact and installed correctly. To this day he still checks to make sure that everything electrical in the house is safe and monitored properly. Electrical safety is very important to him because not only is it his job, he is well aware of the consequences an electric shock can have on the body. 

Electrical Safety Tips

Given that my husband is really into electrical safety, it has made me far more aware of the steps that need to be taken to ensure that our family is well protected. 

There are many steps that we have taken to protect our family from the dangers of electrical shocks. Here are some important ones everyone should follow:

  1. If your outlet has a missing or broken cover plate, replace it immediately. Outlet covers create a barrier between children and exposed wires.
  2. Install tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles to protect younger children from shocks. They have shutters that cover the plug slots and help prevent little fingers or objects from going into the outlet.
  3. Small kids often want to explore new things by putting them in their mouths. Keep cords away from little hands and mouths. This is a serious shock hazard—and no shock is a safe shock.
  4. Teach older children how to plug in and unplug safely. Never overload outlets by plugging in too many cords. Use an approved power bar that has surge protection instead. When it’s time to unplug, don’t yank cords from the wall. This can damage the appliance, the cord and the outlet
  5. If a cord is frayed, replace it. Tape won’t protect kids from a shock. Extension cords—which should only be used temporarily—are prone to cracking and fraying, which can lead to a shock or fire.
  6. Water and electricity can be a lethal mix. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)—the ones with the reset button—in any room with water (ie. bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms) to help protect from a shock.
  7. If you have electrical work that needs to be done in your home, hire only a Licensed Electrical Contractor for the work.  

Making sure we have followed these tips has helped to keep our family “shock-free” and safe. We are lucky to have only positive experiences with electricity because we have always been smart about the way we deal with it. My kids still aren’t really allowed to plug and unplug anything to the outlet without permission and they are 9 & 6. They have always witnessed us making the right choices with electricity and so they have been taught by example and also education. We have always made sure to show them the proper way to unplug cords, making sure to never grab them and pull them by the cord itself and also explaining the proper way to work with electricity. We want to avoid the risk of shock, the best we can.


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71 thoughts on “Electrical Safety- Ways to Prevent Electrical Injury and Keep Your Family Safe”

  1. We keep the kids safe by keeping outlets covered and teaching the kids to unplug and plug in cords properly with no wiggling.

  2. I used the outlet plugs so they wouldn’t stick their hands in the socket, got rid of all glass ornaments, glass coffee table and just made sure it was completely child proof to keep them safe

  3. Robyn Bellefleur

    My husband takes care of all things electrical in our house. He does regular checks to make sure the outlets are intact and the ones we are not using have covers in them.

  4. Florence Cochrane

    I always keep my outlet covered. That way when kids are around they don’t get the opportunity to pole things in them,

  5. Nancy Montgomery

    I remember when an antique lamp gave a shock despite not being on. Good lesson on the importance of updating electrical cords.

  6. We always make sure there are plug covers to kid-proof. Also, I don’t like using extension cords. The computers are connected to surge-protected power bars.

  7. I teach them about the risk about dealing with electrical devices. I try to teach it depending on the age but not put in the fear of electricity.

  8. Stephanie LaPlante

    I don’t have children of my own but lots in my life. I have all wires hidden/covered, outlet covers and make sure children stay out of the basement.

  9. we child proofed our house hard core after my youngest got in a drawer in the bath room and had the got the cap off the visine. we use the outlet covers, fastened everything to the walls and use child proof locks on the cabinets and drawers

  10. I keep them safe by having the outlets covered, make sure they are in good ocnditon- no cracker or chipped outlets, make sure cords are not in the way-hidden behind things, and teach them its not something to play with

  11. We have taught our kids about the importance of being safe around electricity. I inspect all cords and plugs often to make sure they are in proper order.

  12. When my grandbabies were little, it was so hard to keep them away from the outlets. Electrical safety is not something most people think about nowadays. Thank you for once again shedding a light on this important area.

  13. One of the many worries i had at home with my kids is electrical safety. Especially if you have a toddler. This article is very helpful! My kids are now grown ups but i do have one little boy becoming a toddler soon and i need to watch out and educate him on this.

  14. Electrical safety is very important to us too because we had 2 friends who lost their life as a consequence of an electric shock. We have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in our bathroom but should install them in the kitchen too.

  15. one of the things we had to do was put a latch lock on the under the sink cupboard.
    I always let him play with the pots and pans and tupperware, but did not want him getting into cleaning supplies, plastic bags.

  16. I keep my children safe, by investing in plug covers and making sure that cords are not out in visible places. We also take the time to have discussions about safety

  17. We keep our kids safe by always putting used knives on the windowsill while waiting to be washed, out of little hands reach

  18. Keeping little hands out of outlets is so important. We have everything covered even though our children are a little older.

  19. With the gbaby coming to visit at least 2 days a week this is so important for our home. I could never imagine what I would feel if something bad happened to her because of electrical things in the house.

  20. This is SO worth sharing! Thank you for this. We know that electricity is always dangerous that’s why we need to remind ourselves to check everything at home.

  21. I am extra vigilant about keeping electrical cords away from our little one. When I was a kid, my younger brother used a spoon to pry apart a plug and an extension cord. He blew a hole in the spoon but was fortunately unhurt.

  22. I make sure to frequently check and replace the batteries in the smoke detector. I also make sure that all exits and windows can be opened easily during a fire.

  23. Sounds like my husband! He is a Journeyman Electrician and went through our house several times while the kids were younger. Now we are in a new house and he is updating all the electrical stuff (so we can have more then one outlet in the rooms). He is starting to teach our son some of the trade.

  24. Josselyn Radillo

    I’m at only child and I don’t have kids yet but i love this post and I’m gonna
    take this tips for the future

  25. In 8th grade, my friend stuck keys inside the electrical outlet and shorted out the power for the whole school. I don’t think we ever told anyone what we did. Hope my kids make safer decisions that I did as a kid.

  26. Living Naturally News

    This is so important, especially with little ones around the house! And as kids grow older you can involve them in household safety so they understand the dangers.

  27. These are all great tips for electrical safety tips for families with kids. I know we always used the outlet covers when my kids were little. It is so important to teach children too about the hazards of water and electricity. Thanks for sharing the information.

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