Christmas Travel Tips for Parents- 5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

It’s that time of year again. It may be time to ensure that you have some Christmas travel tips for parents all lined up, especially if you plan on visiting family with your Children this year. 

Christmas Travel Tips

I can almost guarantee that there are some of you out there that have family that lives hours away (or more). The Holiday Season stresses the importance of family, and therefore you are expected to get your kids all packed up to drag them all over the place for their Christmas visits.

OR, some of you have family, that refuses to come visit you on the Holidays even though you have young children and they have none, and you live only 2 hours away…. yet they expect you to come there every time, despite the trillion invites you have sent them to come to your house….

Whatever the case may be, YOU are traveling WITH your kids. Be it an hour, or two, or three or MORE, traveling with kids is never easy! Especially if you are expected to spend the night, or a weekend… 

So here are some Ninja Mommers tried, tested and approved tips and tricks to help make your holiday travel less stressful. Check out these awesome Christmas Travel Plans for Parents!

Christmas Travel Plans for Parents

Make a list

Check it twice! Otherwise you will feel naughty, and it won’t be nice. Especially when you end up with a child with a very large poop after inhaling a huge Christmas dinner, and no diapers to change her into on hand because you left them sitting at the front door where you just KNEW husband wouldn’t forget to grab them and put them in the car… Yeah, He did. So, Make sure that you list everything that you need to take with you, and check off each item as you put it in the car!

Bring the Kitchen Sink

Seriously, do it. I do not care how stupid it makes you feel showing up to a family members house carrying your sink, scrub brush and dish rack. Not literally, but do what you have to do. You won’t regret it. There is nothing worse than wishing you had brought an item, that you decided was “too much”. Especially when you actually needed it.

Bring Snacks

No seriously, just do it. Bring snacks. Healthy ones. But bring them! If the kids get hungry on the way you don’t have to stop and get something crappy OR drive through them screaming about how hungry they are until you want to press the “launch” button and propel yourself through your sunroof… pass them an apple and they will shut it. (If your kids are too good in the car to require this tip, then good on you, you’re a hero and a great parent! Congratulations your children will make a million dollars a day and buy you a house in the Hamptons! Don’t judge me!)

Get Drunk!

No I am kidding, but I got your attention, no? There will be no drinking involved in efficient Christmas Travel Plans for Parents.. Shhhh…. Number 4 is actually… Make sure to bring along extra “gifts”. Purchase a few extra things to bring with you to your family visits in case your long lost cousin Cletus shows up and has… low and behold…. bought a present for you and your children! Then you can pull out the extra gift and let him know you WERE always thinking about him….(or whoever else randomly showed up but he doesn’t have to know that.)

 Let It Go

That’s right! Let it go. You will NOT have 100% control over the time spent, the hours used or the bonding time utilized with your Children. You will NOT be 100% perfect, your children MAY act up a little, You might be gassy, tired and full of piss and vinegar, but IT’S THE HOLIDAYS FOR YOU TOO! Let people cuddle, coddle and fawn over your kids! STOP stressing. DON’T Stress. ENJOY YOUR TIME!

If you use these Christmas Travel Plans for Parents, chances are that your holiday travel will be a LITTLE less stressful! You’re welcome.

Those are the Ninja Mommers Tried and Tested Christmas Travel Plans for Parents! Enjoy your holidays and be safe!

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  1. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom on December 4, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    That first Christmas I think we brought everything our daughter owned with us. It was worth it. nice tips.

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