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I have wanted a Girls Weekend for what seems like an eternity and what better reason to go for one than a Bachelorette Party? My baby sister’s bachelorette party to be exact! (Ok, so she’s not so much a baby anymore, as she’s getting married.) Might I also add, what better place to go than Casino Rama Resort in Rama, On?! Beautiful Ontario’s Lake Country

Casino Rama Hotel

I started off our amazing weekend by checking into the beautiful room. As I have shown before, the rooms are beyond gorgeous! This time, we had two double beds. I have spoke to no end about the rooms though, because they are amazing rooms, Check out the rooms at Casino Rama Resort here if you want to see more. I have SO much more to share with you though! SO MUCH MORE. 

I waited for the girls to arrive and lounged on the bed, considering a nap. 

 The girls arrived soon after my lounging session and they were really excited about the night. We got the Girlz Getaway Package for the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it! I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to visit Casino Rama for ANY reason!   

The Girlz Getaway Package at Casino Rama Includes: 

 Deluxe suite with double beds  

$100 spa credit per person  

$65 resort dining credit per person  

In-room movie & munchies  

Complimentary valet parking  

$10 Free Slot Play per person for members of the Players Passport Club (membership is FREE)   casino rama lobby  The first night, we had Dinner at the Simcoe Yardhouse and can I just say: “Oh Em Gee” I know that isn’t professional of me, but this weekend I reverted to a valley girl that I never knew I was… so there’s that.  

Our Trip to the Casino Rama Entertainment Center

Casino Rama Entertainment Centre

After we had our DELICIOUS dinner and a few drinks, we headed off to go see Wanda Sykes in the Entertainment Centre. Yes, I said it. We got to see Wanda Sykes.   

I have seen a few shows at Rama before. My husband and I had a date night, and went to go see Megadeth at Casino Rama and we have also seen Deep Purple at the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre! Both experiences were out of this world!   

I have never seen a comedy show at Casino Rama before though, so this was a new experience. I think I laughed so hard a few times that I scared the lady beside me. Baby sister was enjoying herself as her giggles made me laugh a few times. Her friend, let’s call her “A”, also seemed to enjoy the show.   

Girlz Getaway at Casino Rama

On Saturday morning we woke up rather early. We wanted to get some yummy room service breakfast in before we went to Orillia, ON to participate in some great activities. So we ate and then went on our way!

We headed to downtown Orillia and visited the Orillia Farmer’s Market, Apple Annie’s, The Orillia Museum of Art and history and finished with Mariposa Markets. You can read more about that on our Downtown Orillia with Ontario’s Lake Country post.

Our Bachelorette Mission 

That evening after our amazing day out, we decided that we were going to complete a mission of sorts. Our mission, and we chose to accept it, was to get as many pictures with awesome people as possible. We succeeded.

With the beautiful backdrop Casino Rama Resort offers, we were able to get some amazing photos and even some unexpected ones! Everyone at Casino Rama is SO accommodating. They even humour my ridiculousness.

On the Cart

We went and asked the Valet if he could push us on the luggage cart. Baby sister and I were pleasantly surprised when he said: “I can’t push you but we can take a picture and pretend I am!” Perfect! I told him to make a goofy face and snapped the picture!  Girlz Getaway Casino Rama  As you can see, we had some great photo ops! Especially with the amazing backdrop Casino Rama Resort offers. I think my favourites are the Valet “pushing” us on the cart and the lady that photobombed us with the bear. So much fun! 

The Movie Cuddles

The last night of our Girlz Getaway at Casino Rama ended with us all watching a movie in our beds. We got an awesome package of munchies included in our stay so we enjoyed some of those in our Jammies while we watched a funny movie.   Girlz Getaway Movie I may have also ordered Room service again, just to munch… What?! The food at Casino Rama is just too good NOT to bludgeon yourself. 

The Food & Room Service at Casino Rama 

Calling down for room service was not only easy, but the gentleman on the phone was very accommodating. He even brought up an entire pot of coffee for us. (Believe me, we needed it.) Room Service at Casino Rama is an amazing way to enjoy your meal! 

We ordered breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning to our room. Each time we got an entire pot of coffee, and an amazing meal. What better than enjoying a delicious meal in your jammies? I can’t think of anything right now! 

I tried both the Eggs Benedict and the 3 Egg Omelet, they both came with Hashbrowns and I am not kidding when I say these are easily the best Hasbrowns I have ever had. In fact, my sister strongly agrees. 

Breakfast Casino Rama1

My baby Sister had The Pancakes and the French Toast, they were both beautiful and according to her “Delicious.” At least I think that’s what she said, as she wouldn’t stop stuffing her face long enough to give coherent feedback. I assume that’s a good thing. 

Breakfast Casino Rama

“A” Had the 3 Egg Omelet both mornings, because well… she was in love. She does the same thing I do. Picks something she knows she likes and commits. 

On Saturday night, we also stopped at the Cedar and had some munchies. I know, I swear all we did was eat this weekend. I have never been more grateful for my treadmill… just kidding, I want to go back to Casino Rama and eat some more! 

cedar casino rama

The Balance in Life Spa at Casino Rama

I have visited the Balance in Life Spa at Casino Rama, once before when the hubby and I visited for our Annivesary Getaway at Rama. This time we all had treatments. Baby Sister and I were scheduled in for a Manicure and Pedicure and “A” went and got a Pedicure and then finished off with a Facial!  Casino Rama SpaThere are so many different amazing Spa Treatments at the Balance in Life Spa, you have to check out the Spa MenuWe were so relaxed after our Spa trip! We even got robes, so we got all comfy too! YAY! 

Thank You Casino Rama and Ontario’s Lake Country! 

We had an amazing weekend at Casino Rama for our Girlz Getaway Bachelorette weekend! We even got a picture saying goodbye, which we really hope meant.. See you again soon!

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