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Balance in Life Spa Casino Rama

Our Anniversary at Casino Rama was spectacular and ended with an amazing trip to the Balance in Life Spa! If you have not basked in the glory that is the Balance in Life Spa Casino Rama, then you have no idea what you are missing! 

I have not had a mani/pedi in 5 years, with two kids, two dogs and an insane amount to do, I just haven’t found the time to pamper myself like I need to be. My Husband had booked a 90 Min Massage for himself, with all the hard work he does, he needed it! 

I had no idea what I was missing. Seriously. 

When I walked in to the spa I was greeted very pleasantly by the wonderful women at the front desk! I was asked to fill out some forms and then take a seat. So, I did. 

Balance in Life Spa Casino RamaWhile I waited I took in the beautiful surroundings and also noticed that they have gift cards at the front desk… Gift Cards to this spa? Yes Please! If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, My Birthday… um… back to school? There’s your answer. *Hint Hint Hubby*

I also took a while to check out the Spa Menu to see what other kinds of services they offer, and all of them look splendid! I am going to have to return to The Balance in Life Spa… frequently. 

Hubby was taken back for his massage and I was taken to another room to pick my polish and start my adventure! I couldn’t get over all the different polishes they had! 

Casino Rama

The young woman that did my Mani/Pedi was amazing! We chatted and had a great time. I was offered a coffee and I accepted so eagerly that we joked about needing a caffeine IV. The Manicure was fantastic, I choose a great red colour for both my fingers and my toes. The pedicure was bliss! My feet feel brand new! 

Spa Casino Rama

I have decided I need to do this more often! 

After, the spa I caught up with Hubby and he told me his massage was phenomenal and after he went to the steam room, and took a shower as well! He seemed so relaxed!

What a great end to our Anniversary celebration at Casino Rama

When was the last time you had a Spa Treatment?

 *Disclosure: Ninja Mommers has received special perks in order to facilitate this post and review. All opinions are of Ninja Mommers’ own and are not influenced in any way.*

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