Motivate Children to do Chores with these 4 Tips

Looking for a good way to Motivate Children to do chores? Chores are a way to teach kids that they are a part of a team. The whole family has a mutual obligation to maintain some level of cleanliness and organization within the household. When you make chores a priority for your kids from day one they are learning more lessons than simply “I have to do this chore”. Chores are something that every kid should experience to learn the concept of team work, picking up after themselves and being a part of something larger than themselves – their family! 

4 Brilliant Ways to Motivate Children to do Chores

If you are struggling with ways to get your kids motivated to do chores, here are 5 brilliant ways to get them motivated so that you can rest easy knowing chores will simply just get done.

Let the Whole World Stop

If your kids are constantly refusing to do chores or arguing about said chores, let the whole world stop. Make it a point that nothing else will happen until the chores are completed. Have all electronics off, if you have to unplug them and enforce this nothing else happens until all chores are done rule on a consistent basis. This process could take about two weeks before all arguing or procrastination stops, but it’s well worth the wait.

Make a Work for Hire Board

Perhaps you want to have an allowance for chores, if that’s the case then make a work for hire board. Purchase a cork board and Post-it notes. Each day or week have a price set for each chore, allow the kid to pick and choose what they want to do. Underneath each chore is a monetary value that they can collect upon at the end of the day or week, depending upon how you wish to have this work within your household.

Create a Toy Jail

For younger kids a toy jail may work wonders. Take away any toys that the kid has left out and have them do chores to earn the toy(s) back. This is a great way to teach younger kid’s responsibility as well as learning that you get what you give. This concept will allow your kids to quickly learn that if they do something kind (a chore) for someone else, they earn something kind (their toys) in return.

Make it a Competition

Some kids thrive on competition; if you have one of those kids in your house then it may be a great idea to invest in a small stop watch. Have the stopwatch run with each chore your kid does and have them work to beat their time or beat their sibling’s time. You will soon watch as your kid is highly motivated to do chores because it’s now a fun competition driven game. Create a board where your kids can write their best time for said chore, this will help encourage some self-pride in addition to motivating them to get those chores done.

While you don’t have to do any of these ideas, after all it’s your house and your kids, I do hope that these brilliant ideas to motivate Children to do chores will help alleviate the stress involved with getting kids to take responsibility for chores on a regular basis.

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