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Ninja Mommers writes with a toddler on her head, two dogs barking at nothing and a school aged boy making weird noises in her ear! Parenting can be interesting! Feel free to donate Wine. 

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  1. Megadeth at Casino Rama- Amazing Show, Great Venue- @CasinoRamaLive #RamaRocks

    Husband and I recently had the chance to go see Megadeth at Casino Rama! What an amazing experience! If you have not been to Casino Rama, then you need to check it out!  Casino Rama is located in Rama, On. Which is just outside of Orillia in Ontario, Canada.  Casino Rama is not only an amazing Casino, but boasts 8 amazing restaurants, a beautiful hotel, a spa and a state of the art entertainment center.  The Casino Rama Entertainment Center is not only a state of the art center that boasts 5,000 seats, but it also features weekly big-name shows all year round!  Megadeth...
  2. St. Germain’s- Dinner at Casino Rama @CasinoRamaLive #RamaRocks

    We had an amazing Date at Casino Rama! After we checked in at the Casino Rama Hotel and got ready, we started our date out for dinner at one of many restaurants at Casino Rama. We chose St. Germain’s for dinner as it’s a steakhouse and I know hubby LOVES steak!  We made sure that we had reservations as the restaurants can be quite busy, especially on concert nights. We went down a bit early and asked if we could get a table, and they immediately showed us to one! The restaurant was beautiful, the decor was lovely! We were seated at...
  3. Taking Time as a Couple- Date Night with @CasinoRamaLive

    Taking time as a couple is important for any relationship. Now, I am not telling you to pack your bags and take the kids to Grandmas every weekend. However, I am telling you that it IS OK once in a while, to take time as couple.  Doing something exciting with your Significant other can be not only fun, but also extremely beneficial to your relationship!  Why Date Nights are Beneficial to Couples Communication- Going on a date with your significant other can help to secure the connection you have with your partner. In fact, it may help you to understand your relationship and...