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  1. A 5 Year Old’s Take on Marriage- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday

    Here we are again! It’s Friday, so I have yet another funny quote for you to enjoy. Little man has surprised us again with his take on marriage and what he thinks it means for your social life.  He made me laugh with this one. Big time. My cousin recently got married to a wonderful lady and I just recently got to see the wedding video they had made up. I think I watched the video three times! It was so amazing! I was a little jealous and wishing Hubby and I had something like that done for our wedding. It wasn’t...
  2. How to be a Mom- A Ninja’s Guide to Parenting

    Have you been searching How to be a Mom? Looking everywhere for that little golden book, rule, website… anything that will tell you what you need to know to successfully parent your children?  If so, you must feel you need some guidance. You are either a Mom to be, a new mom, a confused mom or a mom who wants affirmation that she is doing everything right. If you are not any of those things, I am confused as to how you stumbled across this very beneficial parenting guide. Either way, Welcome.  If you are looking to find a guide that is...
  3. LEGOLAND Toronto Vaughan Mills – Review

    Have you been to the LEGOLAND Toronto Vaughan Mills location yet?! We have! The kiddies, hubby and I went this passed weekend to check it out. Our entire family is made up of Lego lovers, so we were super excited to get to go!  We made the trip down to Vaughan to start our day of fun at the Legoland Discovery Centre!  When we arrived at the Legoland Discovery Centre, we were very excited! All of us!  We enjoyed looking at the front window of Legoland, with all the different characters in it! Little Man was shocked that they were bigger than him…...

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