When Kids do Chores- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday

Kids do Chores right? At least mine does, and he has some cute things to say about it. 
When Kids do Chores

Little Man is just so little still but I swear he’s an old soul. He always makes me laugh. I am currently pregnant and I am exhausted constantly. I think it’s hard for Little Man not to notice how entirely exhausted I am! So, he has been helping me. Kids do Chores! They do! At least Little Man does. I am sure other kids do chores too though! 

Little man has helped me do a lot of chores around the house. He likes to help me with the laundry, and the floors. He so badly wants to do the dishes, but I am so not ready for that yet. Especially since I can only imagine the mess that would follow him up at the sink with a stool and a full sink of water. Yikes. So, we refrain from dishes just yet. Maybe soon.

When Kids Do Chores

This week Little Man, as usual made me giggle several times. I suppose though, that my favorite HAS to be when I asked Little Man if he could please help me sweep the floors. He likes to do the dustpan and then put it in the garbage for me like I mentioned. So I swept the floor and called my little prince charming over to come and do the dustpan for me. He came running right into the kitchen ready to help and looked at me with those big gorgeous brown eyes and said:

“Sure I can Mommy, You relax ok?”

I have to admit he caught me off guard- I thanked him profusely and tried not to laugh too hard at the fact that he told me to relax. Maybe he’s on to something though! I think it IS time to relax. 

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  1. Orangeheromama on August 1, 2011 at 2:41 am

    aww! so cute! would love if my girls helped out more around the house!!

    (on a side note: i’m a new follower!)

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