Wake Me Up Citrus Scrub- Make Your Own Scrub at Home with Orange Essential Oil

Want to make your own Wake Me Up Citrus Scrub? 

Orange Essential Oil has a strong citrus scent that can help to life your spirit and re-energize you while providing a calming influence on your body. This citrus scrub is perfect for creating a spa-like experience right at home!

The health benefits of Orange Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, tonic, sedative and cholagogue substance.

It can be used to flavour food and drinks as well as soap, lotions and of course body scrubs!  There are so many uses for it around your home and it is relatively inexpensive making it a great choice to keep on hand and one of our favourite Essential Oils!

We love this Citrus scrub. It’s a fantastic way to create an at home spa experience. Exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling soft and youthful. I love to hide in the bathroom and treat myself by using this wonderful stuff. Not only is it fantastic, it’s also easy to make. It smells SO good too. You won’t regret making this. 

Citrus scrub

Wake Me Up Citrus Scrub

1 C Epson salt
1/4 C Olive Oil
1/4 Coconut oil
5 drops of Orange Essential Oil


-Pour the Olive Oil, Coconut oil in a medium bowl.
-Add the Epson salt and mix with the Oil mix.
-Mix in the Orange Essential oil.
– Stir until fully  blended.
-Store in a container with a lid close to your tub.Citrus Scrub

Do you ever create your own at home spa? I am telling you, it’s a great way to relax! The fact that you can enjoy a spa atmosphere at home, is a great way to spend your me time. So, get creating this awesome scrub recipe and you will be relaxing in no time! 


Have you ever made your own Citrus scrub to use?

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