Treats for Toys- Kellogg’s New Initiative for the Holidays!

Treat for Toys



Recently we received a Kellogg’s Package in the mail! Yahoo! In it, were many amazing things, as usual. However, what I found most amazing is the initiative behind this wonderful plethora of fun products!

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treat for Toys is a new initiative just in time for the Holiday Season.


treats for toys

Treats for Toys…It’s Easy!

Create a “toy” made out of Rice Krispies, take a picture of your treat using a digial camera or smartphone. Lastly, upload your picture to It’s that simple! For every original photo of a treat uploaded to, Kellogg will make a donation of $20 to The Salvation Army, up to a maximum of $30,000. The Salvation Army will use this donation to buy toys for children in need across Canada this holiday season.


treats for toysGiving back over the Holidays means so much to our family! It teaches my Kiddies that not everyone is lucky enough to get Christmas presents, and the importance of giving back.


Little Man was totally into this idea as soon as I explained it to him! In fact, he grabbed the apron, went and grabbed his chef’s hat from his sister’s little kitchen play center and set to work with me making the “Treats for Toys” happen in the Ninja Mommers house.


We set out, using the original Rice Krispies Square recipe, combined butter and marshmallows stove top until melted, Little Man stirred. Then we added the Rice Krispies cereal and mixed until coated.


Then, of course, Little Man licked the spoon and LOVED it.


Then we waited for them to set and cut out some shapes, and set up a decorating station.


THEN… we came up with the Glory that is: “The Candy Train!”

treats for toys

We uploaded our creation to and then DUG IN!

If you wish to participate in this wonderful initiative, ensure you visit the website and upload your creation now!

Check Out This Video as well to learn more! 


Ninja Mommers is part of the Kellogger’s network all opinions are of her own

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