Your Toonie Can Help Fill a Local Child’s Tummy #Toonies4Tummies @Groceryfndtn

Let’s talk about the Toonie for a second shall we? What can we buy for a Toonie? A cup of Coffee, Maybe a tube of toothpaste if it’s on sale. The truth of the matter is you can spend a Toonie on so many things, but how many truly important things have you spent a Toonie on recently? Ask yourself that question and hold that thought for a second. 


You see, approximately 5% of Children in communities across Canada, face food insecurity. That’s 1.1 Million Children! That’s a lot of hungry tummies. Let me ask you another question. Can you focus well when you’re stomach is growling? I know I sure can’t. Being hungry can have a negative impact on a students ability to learn and focus, their emotional state and so much more. The effects of Childhood hunger are very apparent. But how can we help? What can we do?

A Great Way to Spend Your Toonie

This brings me back to the Toonie we were talking about earlier. We are always proud to assist The Grocery Foundation when it comes to getting the word out about their Toonies for Tummies program. 

In conjunction with the amazing support of other Canadian retailers as well as consumer goods, beverage and food companies, The Grocery Foundation will be raising money to aid in the funding of nutritious and healthy snacks and breakfasts for many different programs in Western Canada and Ontario. Programs that could help someone in your neighborhood. 

This is very exciting because for the first time ever, Toonies for Tummies is going out west! Expanding into Western Canada was made possible due to the partnership between the Grocery Foundation and Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Toonies for Tummies will be in over 150 Save-On-Foods locations across Western Canada and 355 different grocery stores in Ontario including MetroFood Basics, and Longo’s as well as many independent retailers. 100% of funds raised will go back into local programs! These programs help to support children in your area. From February 9th-23rd you can donate too. 

We are excited to support Toonies for Tummies for another year! Many years before this, we have made it our business to always say yes at the cash register when asked to donate a toonie to this fabulous cause. See, we never go shopping without our young children in tow and so this has also given us the chance to speak about this very important topic with them. They see us donate to the cause every year, and every year we have a conversation with them about why we donate, why there is a need for donations and how important it is to help people in our community and beyond. This conversation is not only important, but also shows them that giving to those that need our help is a positive thing.

2017 Toonies For Tummies Retailers:

2017 Participating Retailers

Other Ways to Help with Your Toonie

If you can’t get to a retailer to donate, you can ALWAYS visit The Grocery Foundation website and donate online. Another cool feature of the Toonies for Tummies website is that you can Track Your Toonie for with the Toonie Tracker. The Toonie Tracker helps you see what local programs your donation is benefiting, just enter your postal code and you’re good to go.


The Goal

The Grocery Foundation’s goal for 2017 is to raise $850,000 for Student Nutrition! In 2016, The Toonies for Tummies campaign raised over $615,000 through in-store and online donations. This money is hard at work in over 4,500 program in Ontario!  

Follow The Grocery Foundation on Facebook and Twitter and use #Toonies4Tummies on Social Media!TFT 2017 Final Infographic


 *Ninjamommers is working in conjunction with The Grocery Foundation in order to spread the word about #Toonies4Tummies. All opinions are of her own and not influenced in any way!*



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