Easter Egg Hunts- Tips to Make them More Fun!

If you are looking for Tips for a fun Easter Egg hunt, look no further! We love Easter Egg hunts so much every year. Sometimes, they are very repetitive. There is nothing wrong with a little tradition, but why not make the tradition to change it up?! 

Easter Egg Hunts don’t have to be the same every year. Maybe this year the Easter Bunny is ready to throw caution to the wind. After all, who wants all their eggs in one basket? 

Easter Egg Hunts

Take the Candy Out of The Eggs

Not all of them! There needs to be a little bit of sugary goodness hidden amongst the rest of them, but stuff those little plastic eggs with something even more fun. You can put things like toy cars, a quarter, stickers or virtually anything that will fit in those little plastic eggs! 

Make it Active 

Add tasks to the hunt. When your children reach certain “Checkpoints” where the eggs are hidden, be it the yard, the park or in the house, give them certain tasks to complete. You can choose whatever you want, we do jumping jacks, frog jumps and dance offs. 

The Bunny Hunt 

Everyone gets their own bunny ears and instead of walking or running to find the eggs, the kids have to hop like bunnies! 

Easter Egg Hunts

Colour Code

Hide eggs of different colours and then assign a colour to each child participating. Make sure you hide an equal number of each colour to avoid fights!  

The Puzzler 

Use a puzzle with minimal pieces. You can use multiple puzzles too if there are a lot of participants. Put a piece in each plastic egg and hide it, then have the children assemble it as they go. 

We love doing fun Easter Egg hunts here! I can’t wait to try some new ideas this year to make them even more enjoyable! 

Do you have fun Easter Egg Hunts? 

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