10 Things I Want my Kids to Know About Me- Random Facts about a Ninja

10 Things I want my kids to know about meA few days ago I was speaking with some friends, and we started discussing who we are as parents, and who we are in general. Sometimes, there are some differences. My Children, really only know me as “Mom”, but there is a whole person under the laundry, the playing, the reading stories and singing bedtime songs! I am much more than just the banana bread I bake. I want them to know some of these things about me one day!

10 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Me (One Day)- Random Facts about a Ninja

1. I love TV. I get so involved in certain series’ that I can’t stop watching!

2. I love to read. I can finish a book rather quickly if I find it interesting. 

3. I have learned some hard lessons in life, mostly through making mistakes of my own.

4. I spent my teenage years without a Father and regretted not spending more time with him when I had him. 

5. When I was 17, I lived by myself in a basement apartment. I had to work to pay the rent and feed myself. There were a few times, I was homeless and slept on a park bench. There is nothing glamorous about that.

6. When I was younger I had 4 careers in mind: Psychologist, Lawyer, Writer and Marketing. I made the latter happen for myself. I work hard every day to get where I want to be. 

7. I am afraid. Of a lot of things. I am terrified of: Bugs, Germs, Chemicals and sometimes the dark. 

8. I have awful anxiety and sometimes have anxiety attacks. I am also OCD as you can tell from above. Go figure, I wanted to be a psychologist. 

9. I strongly believe that working hard and being nice to people is important in life, but I also feel like standing up for yourself is also important. I am a very nice person, I am outgoing, I love making new friends… but I also don’t like it when people take advantage of me and never have.

10. I love with my whole heart and always have.

What are 10 Random Facts you want Your Kids to Know About You One Day?

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