The Holidays Are Over…

Well, the Holidays are over now. Back to the daily grind… as well as reminding Little man at least 4 times a day every day since Christmas that Santa is not coming again for another year. “Is it Christmas Mommy!?, is Santa coming tonight!?”…wishful thinking Little Man!

The Holidays were very busy. We spent a lot of time together as a family and just enjoying our time. Little Man got spoiled, Baby girl spoiled us Christmas Day and slept from her bedtime at 7:30Pm-5:00am and then woke to eat a bottle, and then slept until 9am! Holy Macaroni we got to sleep in. Little Man also slept in and spoiled us as well Christmas Morning- although he DID get up at 3:30am trying to go downstairs but reluctantly went back to bed and fell asleep again until about 8:30am. We spent Christmas day at home just being a family. Little Man played with his abundance of new toys and Baby Girl enjoyed herself playing and talking and just being happy and napping. Boxing Day was supposed to be the day that we went to see some of our family in the city. But that got sidetracked- and that’s another story as I ended up in the hospital for quite a while during that day, so we went visiting on the 27th instead and we ALL got spoiled.

New years was nice, Baby Girl and Little Man went to bed at normal time as I really did feel like dealing with two crusty kids in the morning (Both my kids need their night time sleep or they are AWFUL and if I put them to bed later than normal they still get up at the same time they do every day!) So Husband/Daddy, Little Man, Baby Girl and I Had our New Years Celebration as a family around 6pm…. Then off to bed for the kiddies so that Husband/Daddy and I could celebrate ourselves. We made it until 11:30 before both of us decided it was bedtime- Best way to ring in the New year- Snuggled together warm in our bed.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their New Years and Christmas Holidays!

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