Common Communication Mistakes Parents Make with Teens

Communication Mistakes with Teens

There are plenty of common communication mistakes parents make. One of the biggest reasons teens shutdown when it comes to communicating with their parents is because they are fearful that the parent may freak out if they are not in agreement with whatever the teen has to say. This result of fear, stems from having…

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How to Connect with Your Teen

Connect with your teen

Learning how to create moments to connect with your teen are vitally important to encourage a bond. A bond that continues between your teen and you, but also serves a means to learn what is happening in their world. As your child grows into this teenager stage, you will find a tweak in how they…

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Tips for Raising Teenagers

Raising Teens

The dreaded teen years. The age of peer pressure, body changes and a new force within that pushes your child towards a strong sense of independence. Raising teens is the second most difficult stage in parenthood, comparable  only to the toddler years. As a parent to a teenager you will start to notice a trend…

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