Surviving March Break- Great at Home Activities

March Break is fast approaching. Surviving March Break can seem like an insurmountable task. In fact, it can be down right daunting. 

march break


It’s March, the weather isn’t necessarily at it’s best yet and the kids will be home for a full week. A FULL WEEK. The summer is a different story, because, well, to be honest you can kind of just ship them outside to play. March break, though, that’s different because the weather can be downright gloomy and cold and just darned unpleasant.

Never fear though, because there ARE things you can do at home to make this March Break amazing and almost as stress free as you could ever ask for. 

Activities for Surviving March Break at Home

Talent Show

Our Children can be so talented no? I think so. Organize a Talent Show with your kids. If you are feeling brave invite others with children over to join in. You will then get adult interaction with those parents while the kids entertain you with their silly antics. Have prizes ready from the Dollar store for the winners of the contest! Tell the other mom’s to BYOW though. What?! I meant bring your own water, what did you think I was talking about?

Build a Fort

Ignore the mess it may make and build a GIANT blanket fort! Include pillows, and stuffed animals. Who doesn’t want an awesome, giant, stuffed dog guarding their fort?! Spend the rest of the day doing everything inside that fort. Colour, Watch movies, play board games and even eat dinner inside. Fort Picnic anyone? Yes please.

Bake or Cook New Creations

Find some awesome Recipes and create amazing treats and dishes with the kids. Letting them help will make them feel awesome and when everyone samples their delicious cooking they will feel accomplished. 


Now, I know this doesn’t sound fun, but if you make the chores a game you will get more than just a little help! Then you will rest easy knowing that stuff around the house is still getting done. See who can fold laundry the fastest and neatest, the winner gets an hour of TV time to watch whatever they want. 

Write a Story

Get out some paper and pencils and write a story. Have everyone contribute one sentence until you have a complete book. Get the kids to illustrate the story and then sit down and read it together. 

Make a Music Video

Get dressed into your fanciest music video worthy attire and get out the video camera! Put on your favorite song and dance and lip sync your way to music video success. Then, invite your friends over for a screening. 

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What are your March Break Survival Tips?


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  1. Paula schuck on February 21, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Beach day in the living room! That’s my favourite for March break. Or we go to the maple syrup festival or the Sugarbush or whatever.

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