Resolve Gold Crystal White has Resolved My Stain Removal Nightmares

Laundry. We all have to do it. Stains, with children are inevitable. Want something that works? Yes, me too. We got the chance to try Resolve Gold Crystal white in wash gel, to take care of our laundry needs and I have to say, I am impressed. Ok, so BEYOND impressed. 

Resolve Gold

 I actually feel as though I live in my laundry room! Not only do I have A LOT of laundry weekly, but we end up with lots of stains that I spend hours trying to remove, only to just get frustrated and throw it into my “Dust cloth” pile to be sentenced to be used for only dusting. It’s a shame and such a waste. I needed something to resolve my stain removal nightmares. 


Stain Removal with Resolve Gold Crystal White

I have learned that Resolve Gold Crystal White is amazingly effective for stain removal on many different hard to remove stains! I was happy to learn that Resolve Gold Crystal White effectively removed blueberry and grape juice stains. Both my kids LOVE blueberries, juice and Freezies, which by the way, Resolve works on too.  

Resolve also effectively removes many other stains like coffee, grass, beet juice, wine, beef gravy and clearly so much more!  

We wanted to show you just HOW well Resolve Gold Crystal White works, so we used our favourite $300 white duvet as a picnic blanket outside for the kids. I put all my trust in Resolve Gold and it did NOT disappoint! Check out the AWESOME Before and Afters. Resolve Gold fought back against dirt, mustard stains and of course… purple freezie. 

Before Resolve

Resolve Gold After

Make Your Whites, Whiter with Resolve Gold Crystal White

Another key feature of the Resolve Gold is that it can make your whites up to 60% whiter after just one wash. This is amazing. We usually try to avoid whites, as in all honesty with two kids and two dogs, nothing remains that way. Also, we have a problem keeping them white in the wash so, when I learned this little tidbit of information, I couldn’t wait to try it. IT WORKED! My whites have never looked whiter! I can wear white again thanks to Resolve Gold Crystal White. 

The amount of laundry I do a week is beyond ridiculous! It really is. I made a video to share my experiences with you, so check it out and see how Resolve Gold Crystal White literally resolved my laundry battles in a snap.

*Resolve Gold Crystal White is available in either a powder or a gel and can be used in HE washing machines*

 Visit for more info on Resolve Gold Crystal White! 

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33 thoughts on “Resolve Gold Crystal White has Resolved My Stain Removal Nightmares”

  1. OH MY GOD! I can;t believe you did that!! LOL. I am so glad that the stains came out. I haven’t seen this version of resolve but I will look for it.

  2. Okay, I’m sold. I can’t believe you used a WHITE duvet outside!??!!! I will have to pick this up because my husband is always asking me to get some random stain out of his work clothes!

  3. No freaking way! Seriously? Those before and after photos have seriously convinced me to go pick some of this up. My kids are messy and anything that’ll hep me tackle their messes is a win-win for me.

  4. Those are some great results! I’m going to have to check for this the next time I’m shopping. I have clothes that have been stained.

  5. I think I need to get some of this product! That worked so well on your nasty stains! Looks brand new – and thank goodness it does, eh? Loved the video!

  6. You are so brave to use your best white duvet as a picnic blanket! It’s great to see how well Resolve Gold Stain Removal worked. I’m very impressed. I’ll have to check out this product.

  7. Wow! I am impressed. Our clothes and other items get stained all the time. I am definitely going to pick up a bottle of this.

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