Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday- Canada Day Edition!

I think it’s time for another Funny Quote Friday… So lets do it! 
Quote Friday

Welcome to This week’s Funny Quote Friday- Canada Day Edition! Welcome to all Canadian’s And All those that are not! We are celebrating our fantastic country today, and Little Man has graced me with a great Funny Quote For this Friday! We Love Canada! What a fabulous country. It’s where I was born and raised! 

Canada day is coming soon, that’s what lead to this Funny Quote Friday. We were all discussing our Canada day plans, and being very excited about what was to come! We love to celebrate Canada and so we were deciding what we were going to do. We usually BBQ and have sparklers and a whole lot of fun. I get so excited about Canada day because it gives me an excuse to use sparklers and have a huge BBQ! I love to cook! 

Little Man and I were sitting down speaking about this great country. Little Man was born here too. Being close to 3 I am unsure how much he understood of the conversation. I wasn’t going for a full on education though. Considering he is 3, I didn’t want to overwhelm him. I had to explain that it wasn’t because it was close to his birthday. When I told him he was born in Canada and that it’s Canada’s Birthday tomorrow he looked right at me, very seriously and said:

” Canada Came out Mommy Tummy Too!?”

No Little Man, No It did Not. But that is a history/anatomy lesson for another day! What a hilarious way to look at “Canada’s Birthday!” Thank you for the Laugh on Canada Day Little Man! 

Sometimes Little Man’s Funny Quote Fridays make me laugh so hard! I am so lucky to have such a funny Little Man. Enjoy the Laughs! 

Happy Canada Day Everyone!  Come Back Weekly For Little Man’s Funny Quote Fridays! 

5 thoughts on “Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday- Canada Day Edition!”

  1. I’m CRYING I’m laughing so hard, EVEN I almost PEED my pants!
    Thanks Ninja Mommers for the great stories… “Canada Came out Mommy Tummy Too!?”

    1. MommyMakesItHappen

      This is just hilarious. Thank you for sharing such precious things with us. I miss when my children were this young.

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