Ninja Mommers’ 6th Day Of Christmas- 6 Party Games For Your Christmas Get Together

6th day of christmasWell, I am back with my 6th Day Of Christmas! Now, you all know that Christmas is the season for Parties and work functions and with those usually comes games and activities. You want fun and exciting games and activities at your party so I have decided to compile a list of the top 6 Party games to play at a Christmas function.

So, on the 6th day of Christmas your true Ninja gives to you:

The Top 6 Christmas Party Games:

1.Unwrap the Gift/Pass the Parcel

What to Do:

Wrap a gift or several gifts depending on the size of the group, in several layers of wrapping paper. You chose how many layers you want to wrap the gift in- my suggestion would be to base that decision on how long you want the game to last and the number of people participating. Ask everyone to sit in a circle and give the participants the wrapped present/presents, The number of layers depends on how long you want the game to last, plus the more people the more layers. Turn on some music and inform people that while the music is playing they are to pass the gift in one direction, when the music turns off whoever has the present is to take off ONE LAYER of the wrapping. Repeat until the gift is unwrapped. Whoever unwrapped the final layer gets to keep the present!

2.Christmas Stocking Guess Game

What to Do:

Make sure you have two prizes set aside for this game. Take a large Christmas stocking and fill it with objects you would use specifically around Christmas, Again, if you have several people you might want to do two separate ones and label them stocking 1 and stocking two. Make an answer list with the contents of each stocking written on it. For example you could use: Ornaments, scotch tape, candy canes etc. Use about 20-25 different items in each. Tie a ribbon around the top to make sure no one can peek. Give everyone a piece of paper and pass the stocking/stockings around only disclosing the amount of items inside. Have everyone write down what they feel in the stocking(s). The person that correctly guesses the most of one of the stockings contents gets a prize, and the person that guesses the most of the second contents gets a separate prize.

3.Memory Game- Christmas Style

What to Do:

Get several little Christmas items and place them on a tray. For example: Candy Cane, Candles, Christmas movie. Let the contestants view the items on the tray, and let them study it. Take the tray away where it is no longer visible. Then let them use a pencil and paper to write down the items they can remember. The person with the most items correctly identified receives the prize.

4.Gingerbread Race

What to Do:

Split people into 3 groups of 5 (0r more depending on number of people as long as the numbers are even and you have enough supplies) Provide each group with a gingerbread house kit (can be purchased at Local stores and usually comes with all the stuff needed) Allot them a certain time period to construct their gingerbread house as a team. The team to have the most of their house completed in the designated time, wins. If there seems to be a tie of any sort also consider appearance when picking a winning team.

5. Pin The Nose On Rudolph

What to Do:

Same rules as “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” but using a cutout of rudolph (You can draw it or print one off your computer) and Big Red Circles to put on his nose (Big Red Dot stickers-can be bought at the Dollar store.)

6. Santa Says

What to Do:

Again, this is a Christmas take on “Simon Says”. Have the elf leader stand at the front of the room giving directions from Santa. If someone does the action stated that didn’t include the words “Santa Says..” ahead of it then they are out!

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