Ninja Mommer’s 1st Day Of Christmas- My Wish For You This Year

Well Christmas is Fast Approaching. Only a few precious hours left until your children come prancing into your room demanding you wake up to see what Santa bought.. or, if you are like me.. you will go prancing into their rooms demanding THEY wake up so they can go open their presents! WHAT!? I LOVE to see my Little Man excited, eyes glowing and happy and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see his Little eyes filled with wonder when he sees that Santa took a huge bite out of the homemade cookies we left on the table for him, when he notices that Santa finished ALL the milk, and when he finally takes a look and sees that Rudolph ate half that carrot… or when he notices that there are a few gifts under there from that fat man in red… or that his stocking is STUFFED with awesome goodies. I also can’t wait until Hubster opens his present that I got for him, and the ones that Little Man and Baby Girl got him as well! I must go, there are cookies baking and some sleep to soon be had. So, Without furthur ado, I give you…

ON The FIRST Day Of Christmas Your True Ninja Gives To You….

My Christmas Wish For You and Yours This Year:

This Christmas I wish that you will all be as happy and fulfilled as I am. I can only wish that no matter what you bought or received that you are happy with what you already have. I can hope that love fills your heart and family fills your home. I wish that you have a safe and happy Christmas with lots of love, lots of fantastic family and great food! I wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas!


~Ninja Mommers and Family

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